5 Things to Know About Full Depth Reclamation

5 Things to Know About Full Depth Reclamation

What is Full Depth Reclamation?

Most people have never heard of full depth reclamation and there is nothing wrong with that. Full depth reclamation is a type of parking lot repair. It is a low-cost means of repairing lots and roads plagued by faulty bases.

How Full Depth Reclamation is Performed

Full depth reclamation is performed by pulverizing the current base with the asphalt. This is accomplished with a road reclaimer. Hardly any material is taken away. Most of the material is rolled, graded and reused to generate a new base. This base is subsequently paved with asphalt. Professionals sweat all the small stuff in this process, from shaping with a grader to achieving a consistent density, kneading and seating loose aggregates and generating the smoothest possible surface.

Instances in Which Full Depth Reclamation Makes Sense

This repair project is designed for parking lots and roads that are plagued by cracks. Lots and roads with alligatored cracks are prime candidates for full depth reclamation. This style of cracking is referred to as alligatored as the formation resembles that of an alligator’s back. All types of cracking permit moisture to move down on into the base. Moisture eventually breaches this sensitive space to the point that it causes failure.

The Nuances of Full Depth Reclamation Projects

Portland Cement is commonly used in full depth reclamation projects. Adding Portland Cement is often a better option than replacing the base that is prone to moisture accumulating below ground. Portland Cement forms a base that is better protected against low underground water tables that damage parking lots and roads across Florida. The addition of Portland Cement mitigates subsequent repair costs thanks to the enhanced durability and finish that stands the test of time.

Full Depth Reclamation is a Green and Affordable Solution

Part of the appeal of a full depth reclamation is that it makes use of existing parking lot and roadway materials. All that is necessary is the mixture with a stabilizing agent to generate a sound foundation layer. This process conserves raw materials and returns the parking lot or road to a usable condition in little time.

The benefit of such parking lot rehabilitation is multi-fold. It is quite green as it doesn’t require an abundance of raw materials. Crews will attempt to limit the amount of dust and other materials that blow around during the construction process.

Reusing current pavement materials saves the property owner plenty of money. This parking lot improvement won’t drain your budget. Contact us for a quote and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how affordable full depth reclamation is for your parking lot.

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