Why Your ADA Wheelchair Ramp Should Have Specific Parking Lot Striping

Why Your ADA Wheelchair Ramp Should Have Specific Parking Lot Striping

ADA wheelchair ramps require parking lot striping to ensure an orderly and safe flow of customer traffic across your property.

The installation of an ADA ramp to your Tampa Bay property is not enough in and of itself. This point of entry and exit must be accompanied by adequate parking lot striping. We are proud to apply the perfect striping to your pavement that ensures anyone who uses the wheelchair ramp is not put at risk. This striping will enhance safety and provide plenty of other advantages.

Tampa ADA Parking Lot Striping Basics

Parking lot striping is often overlooked as it is fairly subtle. Yet striping and markings are essential to enhance the curb appeal of the parking lot as well as customer safety. From stop bar lines to well-marked arrows and other striping, there is an endless number of techniques that guarantee the safety of customers and safe movement of people and vehicles.

Striping designates specific places for certain activities across the entirety of the parking lot. Furthermore, striping gives your parking lot a lovely look and feel to boot. This minor, yet important aspect of your parking lot makes your Tampa business appear that much more legitimate to prospective customers.

Let ACPLM Coordinate Tampa ADA Parking Lot Striping

The application of parking lot striping takes precision and patience. If the striping is misapplied, it won’t properly match up with the wheelchair ramp. There is the potential for the wheelchair ramp to reach beyond the pavement striping. If this is the case with your Tampa Bay wheelchair ramp, it is time to ally with our parking lot experts for assistance. Our team will apply parking lot striping to enhance the flow of customer traffic. This way, customers won’t have to worry about vehicles or others infiltrating their space as they attempt to use a wheelchair ramp at your facility.

ADA Parking Lot Striping Keeps Customers and Staff Safe

The clear and accurate striping of the area around the wheelchair ramp will also make it that much easier for customers to safely traverse your parking lot. Do not lose sight of the fact that those who use ramps are especially vulnerable. Striping designates ramps and other spaces as areas of importance. It keeps other customers and vehicles away, providing a perfectly safe path of travel to and from the facility.

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