10 Facts about Apartment Building Parking Lot Maintenance

10 Facts about Apartment Building Parking Lot Maintenance

How to manage apartment building parking lot maintenance.

The parking lot is the first thing that people see before entering your property. Its state is an indication of how well you are managing the property and it could affect the decision of potential and even current tenants.

Parking lot maintenance and housekeeping are important. But how do you do it properly? Check out some helpful tips that can help you with this complex task.

Come Up with a Maintenance Plan

Whether you are due for parking lot striping, parking lot paving, asphalt repair, asphalt patching, sealcoating, pavement repair, pothole repair, or even asphalt installation, it is important to have a plan in place before you start to minimize disruption.

Include Various Spaces in Your Apartment Building Parking Lot  

Some people have sedans and others have motorcycles. There are even those who own oversized vehicles. To accommodate as many potential renters as possible, you must include various spaces in your apartment building parking lot. If possible, add a covered parking space.

Be Clear About What Type of Vehicle Can Park in a Space

While many tenants will appreciate it if you could accommodate all types of vehicles, not all properties have enough space for it. If you have limited parking space, you must be clear on what types of vehicles and how many are allowed to park in each slot. For instance, put up a parking lot signage that says only one motorcycle is allowed for a slot or that oversized vehicles are not allowed.

Make Sure that the Rules Are Written and Visible

It is important for an apartment building parking lot to have a set of rules. It will help keep the peace in the shared space. As much as possible, include these rules in the tenant contract so renters will not be caught by surprise.

Be Clear About Guest Parking Rules

It is perfectly normal for tenants to have guests, so make sure that you have parking spots for them. Also, you must be clear about the rules if guests park in a space assigned to someone else.

Implement the Rules Consistently 

Rules will be of little use if you do not enforce them. Make sure that they are being followed and hold those who break the rules accountable. It will set an example to other tenants and guests and prevent problems between them.

Do Not Allow Nonworking Vehicles in Your Apartment Building Parking Lot

Do not allow broken cars to sit in a space for weeks or months, especially those that are up on jacks or are missing tires. They pose a safety hazard to other tenants.

Do Not Allow Vehicles in Areas Not Allotted for Parking

Do not let tenants or guests park on common areas, lawns, driveways, and other similar areas. Also, make sure that the rules about this are clear to everyone on the property.

Outline the Rules and Process for Towing

Inform all tenants and guests about the towing procedures of the property, including how they will be informed, how many warnings will be given before towing, and the financial responsibility.

Maintain the Parking Lot

Make sure that your parking lot is properly maintained. Contact your local paving contractor for all asphalt and concrete services. It will help keep your parking lot in good shape as the season changes.

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