When Do You need to Schedule Asphalt Crack Filling Services?

When Do You need to Schedule Asphalt Crack Filling Services?

How can asphalt crack filling help you avoid future asphalt issues.

Asphalt cracks inevitably lead to water intrusion — this is the leading cause of asphalt failure and expensive asphalt repairs. Whether you own or manage a commercial, residential, HOA, or condo property, this is obviously a situation best avoided. The solution is quite simple, schedule asphalt crack filling services to rid your parking lot of structural weaknesses

When You Need Asphalt Crack Filling

Asphalt crack filling serves as both a preventative and proactive solution for keeping your lot performing reliably and is an important part of asphalt maintenance alongside sealcoating. Crack filling should save you money and remove any concerns you may have regarding the condition and safety of your parking lot.

The best way of knowing when you need asphalt crack filling services is to work with an experienced, knowledgeable, and honest asphalt contractor. Professionals can assess your parking lot and any cracks present to determine if crack filling will provide you with sufficient benefits to be a worthwhile investment.

We often recommend crack filling when:

  • It’s been a year or more since your last crack filling and or sealcoating service
  • There are obvious cracks along the surface of your parking lot asphalt
  • Cracks on your asphalt are worsening, either gradually or rapidly

Crack Filling Only Works on Specific Cracking

It’s also very important to know when not to utilize crack sealing services. Realistically your contractor should be able to advise you on the proper course of action, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Crack sealing is not recommended for these types of asphalt damage:

  • Alligator and web cracks – Cracks that spread into a “web” or scaly looking formation are indeed cracks, but they occur because of damage to the subgrade, or base layer, of your pavement. In these conditions crack sealing would not solve the underlying issue, which would lead to much more damage in the near future.
  • Asphalt distortion – All types of asphalt distortion including alligator cracks, material swirling and warping, channeling, and upheaval are all indications of base layer damage. Crack sealing will not solve, or even improve these issues.
  • Asphalt raveling – Raveling occurs when your asphalt’s materials are losing their bond, resulting in the materials separating. The only cure for asphalt raveling is to completely remove the affected area and replace it.

The Importance of a Comprehensive Asphalt Maintenance Program

Crack filling offers a very cost-efficient means of asphalt repair and offers a great way to preserve your lot long-term. However, a complete maintenance program that includes both crack filling and sealcoating is ideal. Not only will these services minimize general wear and tear, they also go a long way in keeping your lot properly sealed against water damage, which is the largest threat to asphalt materials.

By sealcoating and scheduling repairs when appropriate, you can:

  • Effectively double the longevity of your asphalt parking lot.
  • Drastically reduce the risks of water damage and pavement failure
  • Save money long-term by preventing common causes for extensive asphalt repair
  • Keep your asphalt looking great and prevent the negative side effects of asphalt fading

Parking Lot Maintenance and Asphalt Crack Filling in Tampa from ACPLM

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