Your Guide to Professional Asphalt Overlays

What are asphalt overlays, and how do they benefit your parking lot?

Asphalt pavement will eventually crack and fade over time. An easy way to take care of this problem is to reach out to an asphalt repair company. These professionals will inspect your parking lot and decide on the best way to make repairs to keep your pavement looking great. An asphalt overlay is often a recommended choice for a deteriorating surface in need of repair work.

What Are Asphalt Overlays?

An asphalt overlay is a paving method that involves the application of a new layer of asphalt on top of an existing surface. This technique is effective for improving the appearance of pavement and extending its lifespan. Unlike total asphalt replacement, asphalt overlays focus on repairing the surface layer, which saves you both time and money. Think of it as a facelift that rejuvenates your parking lot without a complete overhaul.

Here are the key benefits of an asphalt overlay:


One of the primary advantages of an asphalt overlay is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to a full-on replacement, an overlay is less labor-intensive and more budget-friendly. An asphalt pavement overlay is often an appealing choice.

Speed of Installation

Time is often of the essence whenever it comes to asphalt repair. Luckily, overlays typically require less time for completion compared to more intensive methods like total replacement. The efficiency of asphalt pavement overlays is particularly beneficial for businesses that can’t afford prolonged downtime.

Improved Appearance

Your asphalt parking lot can look much better with a new layer of asphalt on the surface. These overlays help boost curb appeal and send a message to your visitors that you value well-maintained facilities. A fresh overlay can also help improve the visibility of parking lines and other markings.

Creates a Safer Environment

Safety can never be overlooked. An overlay provides a smoother surface, which is beneficial for anyone walking or driving in your parking lot. These repairs help decrease the likelihood of accidents, and smoother surfaces also mean less wear and tear on vehicles.

When is an Asphalt Overlay Ideal?

If the existing surface is older and is deteriorating, or has small cracks or fading, an overlay is often the best option. Other asphalt maintenance methods might be more suitable for more serious issues like large cracks or potholes. Proper assessment by a professional is crucial to choosing the best course of action.

The Role of Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating is an additional treatment that can extend the life of your overlay. Sealcoating forms a protective layer over the asphalt, safeguarding it from water, oils, and UV rays. While it’s not a substitute for an overlay, it complements the process nicely by enhancing durability. Adding this treatment can also improve the surface’s resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Why Asphalt Maintenance is Important

Regular maintenance is essential for any asphalt surface. While an overlay is excellent for medium-level repairs, other methods like crack filling and patching are better suited for minor issues. Parking lot maintenance is part of a broader strategy for keeping your asphalt surface in top shape. Regular upkeep of your pavement can help you avoid larger and more costly repairs down the line.

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