How Asphalt Overlays Restore Pavement

How Asphalt Overlays Restore Pavement

An asphalt overlay will breathe life into your aged and worn property.

Tampa pavement deteriorates as time progresses due to exposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, pounding rain, oil/gas spills, and other stimuli. The rate of deterioration is especially high if the pavement is not provided with the proper maintenance. If you are dissatisfied with the condition and/or appearance of your asphalt, do not rush to opt for a full replacement. There is a better way to restore your pavement: an asphalt overlay.

An Explanation of Asphalt Overlays

Asphalt overlays are best defined as a brand new pavement layer installed along the surface to rectify flaws and restore worn asphalt. It is referred to as an overlay, as a new layer of asphalt is positioned above the layer that currently exists. The overlay can even be implemented when the asphalt is in acceptable condition but plagued by a few trouble spots.

Our team will analyze your pavement in-depth to determine the extent of the cracks that plague your parking lot. It might be possible to remove, patch, and add a new layer in the event the cracks, sinking, or crumbling portions are not excessive. If the cracks, soft portions, or crumbling areas are especially bad, we will refrain from installing the asphalt overlay in Tampa.

Why It is Prudent to Install an Asphalt Overlay on Your Tampa Property

Let our pavement experts install an asphalt overlay and it will extend the lifespan of your Tampa asphalt. There is no need to jump the gun and start over from square one with a full installation of brand new asphalt. Opt for a Tampa asphalt overlay and you will save a significant amount of money as time progresses. An asphalt overlay dramatically enhances the integrity of your pavement so it can stand the test of time.

ACPLM’s Overlay Installation Process

The flawed sections of your Tampa pavement are corrected before the new asphalt is implemented for additional stability. Our asphalt overlay adds asphalt above the current layer. The current asphalt surface serves as a base that supports the new layer of asphalt. The typical overlay is installed at a depth of a couple inches.

This process is quicker and more affordable than most assume. In certain cases, all that is necessary is a thin layer of asphalt, known as a leveling course, that is added to prevent dips and low elevations from forming prior to the implementation of a tack coat that allows the asphalt layers to stick together.

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