How ACPLM Works With Asphalt Overlays in Tampa

How ACPLM Works With Asphalt Overlays in Tampa

Asphalt overlays in Tampa, when done properly, will preserve the integrity of your parking lot and bring out the best in your property.

Asphalt, just like every other surface and material, will eventually deteriorate. This deterioration is primarily attributable to insufficient maintenance. If you have neglected your asphalt over the years, it might seem as though this surface is about to give way. However, it might not be necessary to fully demolish the pavement and start anew.

Asphalt overlays in Tampa will extend this important space’s lifespan. So do not rush out to hire any old contractor to demolish the full space assuming it is the only solution. The better solution might be an asphalt overlay. This service can save your budget, enhance the asphalt surface, and extend its useful life.

An Overview of Asphalt Overlays in Tampa

It is best to think of asphalt overlays as pavement facelifts. An asphalt overlay applies a brand new pavement layer across the surface. The other purpose of asphalt overlays is to correct flaws to refresh aged asphalt.

Those who work in the industry use the word “overlay” as it is a reference to the paving on an extra layer of asphalt atop the initial layer that is already in place. Overlays can be performed with the existing asphalt that is in decent condition, even if there are some problem sections. If your parking lot’s crumbling, cracking, or sinking are not extreme, it might be possible to cut these affected portions out and subsequently patch them.

A new layer of asphalt can then be added and paved. Yet there are some instances in which adding an asphalt overlay is not the best decision. If the parking lot has significant cracking, crumbling, waves, or soft spots that are sinking, the placement of a new asphalt layer might not suffice. If such a new layer were put in place, it might replicate the patterns of the aged waves and cracking.

The Merits of Asphalt Overlays in Tampa

Aged pavement is likely to benefit from asphalt overlays in Tampa. This is an affordable and effective solution to preserve old pavement. Even the surface geometrics will improve. The bottom line is those who invest in asphalt overlays enjoy greatly improved service in the months and years to come.

Asphalt Overlays in Tampa Completed by Professionals

A truly comprehensive installation of asphalt overlay in Tampa accounts for all of the small details.
ACPLM’s team refuses to taper asphalt down against additional surfaces that might only be a quarter of an inch in girth and cannot endure the massive weight of sport utility vehicles and trucks.

This is just one example of the many precautions ACPLM takes that others do not. Work with ACPLM and the end result will be pavement that looks amazing and is flush with sidewalks.

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