ACPLM Has Moved and is Ready to Provide the Best Asphalt Parking Lot Services in Florida!

ACPLM Has Moved and is Ready to Provide the Best Asphalt Parking Lot Services in Florida!

ACPLM is in a new location!

Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance (ACPLM) have moved to a new office building. Initially headquartered in Wimauma, Florida, the company is moving to 2010 S 51st Street Tampa, Florida 33619 to better serve our customers!

Who is ACPLM?

Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance (ACPLM) is a qualified and licensed parking lot repair and asphalt paving company based in Tampa, Florida. We install, maintain, and repair parking lots in liaison with property managers, homeowners’ associations, and business owners.

ACPLM’s core values are:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Commitment

Our Services

ACPLM is a full-spectrum concrete and asphalt parking lot repair and maintenance company. Anything that relates to parking lot installation and maintenance, you can rest assured that we can help. Our specialty areas, however, are:

  • Asphalt installation and repair

Asphalt is one of the most versatile paving materials and a key component of most roads, runways, parking lots, and cart paths in Florida and throughout the country.

ACPLM offers general asphalt installation and repair services, focusing on overlays, crack filling, and paving.

  • Concrete installation and repair

Concrete is ever-present in pavements, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. It is eco-friendly, incredibly durable, fire-resistant, and doesn’t corrode or decay. Above all, concrete molds rapidly into a variety of shapes, making it useful in many applications.

ACPLM specializes in general concrete installation projects, including ADA ramp installation, dumpster pads, and sidewalk installation. Our concrete contractors also perform concrete repair and maintenance services.

  • Asphalt parking lot maintenance

An asphalt parking lot is a significant investment for any commercial setting. More importantly, a well-maintained parking lot adds aesthetic appeal, which can substantially improve the property’s value.

ACPLM is the best resource for asphalt parking lot maintenance. We work directly with property managers to create programs to protect their parking lots from damage caused by oil, gas, water, and UV rays.

Parking lots are great when new. They are reliable, durable, and weather-resistant. Unfortunately, time and weather can combine to rob your parking lot of the quality and reliability, often resulting in a dull, faded, pavement riddled with cracks and potholes.

ACPLM offers seal coating, stripping, overlay, and full-depth-reclamation services designed to return any concrete or asphalt parking lot to its highest potential.

Why are We Moving Offices?

A time comes when a business must make a few tweaks to its operations for the best outcome. For ACPLM, the relocation was decided for two main reasons:

  1. Strategic positioning: We loved the old address. It served us very well for many years. As business grew, it limited our operations in several ways. The new location affords us greater flexibility, which will allow us to scale and even improve our service to the benefit of the company and our customers.
  2. We’re coming closer to you: We are closer to production, which provides better communication efficiency and utilization of equipment and material.

ACPLM is Here for You!

Though we have moved, ACPLM still strives to achieve and maintain the same goals as before. Our team will provide the absolute best asphalt paving, sealcoating, concrete repair and maintenance, and other parking lot repair services to every customer in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Contact ACPLM for Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Services Today

Give us a call (toll-free) at 888-959-9637 or leave us a message to schedule a no-cost consultation for parking lot repair and maintenance in Tampa, Florida. Our team is ready to help restore and maintain your parking lot for your customers, employees, and new visitors.

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