Asphalt Patching: Your Guide to Patching in Parking Lots and Roadways

Asphalt Patching: Your Guide to Patching in Parking Lots and Roadways

What is asphalt patching?

Parking lots tend to experience a lot of wear and tear. Over time, you’ll notice the asphalt surface beginning to deteriorate. Taking a proactive approach is key to taking care of any issues before they get much worse. Asphalt patching is one of the best methods for repairing parking lots and roads, keeping damage to a minimum.

ACPLM is one of the leading companies providing asphalt patching services for businesses and property managers in the Tampa Bay area. These repair services can keep your parking lot in excellent condition and save you plenty of money in the long term.

What is Asphalt Patching?

Asphalt patching is simply the repair of damaged sections of an asphalt surface. This repair method is crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of parking lots. ACPLM uses a variety of asphalt patching techniques. These methods include using hot mix asphalt, cold asphalt, and permanent patch methods. Asphalt is applied, hot or cold, to seamlessly blend with the existing surface.

The ACPLM Approach

ACPLM starts by assessing the parking lot to identify any issues. The next step is to remove the damaged asphalt and cut the edges to square it up. Any debris will need to be removed, and the foundation also needs to be repaired. A tack coat is applied to the patch area to bond the new asphalt with the existing asphalt.

After the tack coat is applied, the team lays down the asphalt layer. Proper compaction is essential to solidify the patch. The result is a smooth patch that helps to extend the lifespan of your pavement. The final step involves applying a sealant to protect the new patch from water infiltration.

Depth Matters for Asphalt Patches

Knowing the depth of the asphalt damage is key before applying an asphalt patch. Typically, a two-inch-thick layer is the minimum requirement for most patches. Depth can vary based on the specific conditions of the parking lot. ACPLM takes into account numerous factors, such as traffic load and weather patterns, to determine the ideal depth. A deeper patch may be necessary for parking lots with heavy vehicle traffic.

Here is an overview of the different types of asphalt patches.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix asphalt provides a long-lasting solution for severe damage and larger areas. Its resilience to wear and tear results in durability for years to come.

Cold Asphalt

Perfect for quick fixes and smaller repairs, a cold patch is simple to apply and sets quickly without requiring heat. Being easy to use makes it a favorite for small-scale projects and road repair.

Tack Coat

A tack coat is an adhesive layer that’s crucial for bonding new and existing asphalt. A tack coat makes your patch area stronger and more resilient.

Each of these elements contributes to the durability of an asphalt patch. ACPLM’s commitment to quality service is all about making sure that your parking lot remains a safe and smooth space for vehicles. These different techniques can be adapted to your specific needs. Regular maintenance is also key to preserving the state of your parking lot, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

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