How to Patch Asphalt in Parking Lots

How does asphalt patching work in parking lots?

Asphalt parking lots can develop wear and tear from constant use, exposure to the elements, and heavy vehicle traffic. Scheduling asphalt patching is a key part of parking lot maintenance. Repairing asphalt in a timely manner is a cost-effective way to prevent further damage, and it can help extend the lifespan of your pavement. Reaching out to an asphalt paving company for repairs is a great way to protect your investment and keep your parking lot well-maintained.

Here is an overview of how asphalt is patched in parking lots:

Determine the Best Repair Method

Assessing the amount of damage and choosing the most suitable repair method is essential before patching an asphalt parking lot. Some of the most common issues include potholes, alligator cracks, and general wear and tear on the asphalt pavement.

Pothole repair is recommended for filling small to medium-sized potholes with a cold patch or hot mix asphalt. A cold patch is a temporary solution, while hot mix asphalt provides a more permanent repair. On the other hand, a full-depth repair is needed for more severe damage, as it involves removing the damaged asphalt, preparing the repair area, and replacing it with new hot mix asphalt.

Prepare the Patch Area

Once you’ve determined the appropriate repair method, the next step is to prepare the patch area. Start by removing any debris and cleaning the area thoroughly. If there are alligator cracks present, a contractor can use an asphalt saw to cut around the damaged area and remove the cracked asphalt.

Pothole repair requires the removal of loose material within the pothole before squaring off the edges with a shovel or asphalt saw. This helps create a uniform surface for the new asphalt to adhere to. If you’re using a cold mix to patch asphalt, simply fill the pothole with the material and compact it using a hand tamper.

Apply a Tack Coat

An asphalt paving contractor will apply a tack coat to the repair area to ensure proper adhesion between the existing asphalt and the new patch material. A tack coat is a thin layer of asphalt emulsion that acts as a glue. This bonds the old and new asphalt surfaces together. Following this step is essential for a long-lasting repair.

Install the Asphalt Material

Now it’s time to install the new asphalt material. Hot-mix asphalt is often used for pothole repairs, as an asphalt contractor will pour the material into the hole and use a rake to spread it evenly. The new asphalt needs to be level with the surrounding pavement and compacted with a hand tamper or a vibratory plate compactor.

Full-depth repairs require an asphalt paving contractor to fill the repair area with hot mix asphalt in layers to ensure each layer is properly compacted before adding the next one. Following this asphalt patching method helps prevent future settling while creating a strong and stable repair.

Seal and Protect the Patch

Once the asphalt patch has been installed and compacted, the final step is to seal and protect the patch. Apply a coat of asphalt sealer around the edges of the patch to prevent water from penetrating the joint between the old and new asphalt. Sealing helps prolong the life of your repair and reduces the risk of future damage.

Schedule Regular Parking Lot Maintenance

Schedule asphalt maintenance to keep your parking lot in excellent condition. Parking lot maintenance includes routine inspections, sealcoating, crack filling, and timely repairs. Staying proactive with your parking lot maintenance can help prevent small issues from escalating into more costly repairs.

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