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4 Questions To Ask a Paving Contractor Before a Project

4 Questions To Ask a Paving Contractor Before a Project

Ask these important questions of asphalt paving contractors in Tampa before making a commitment.

Deciding between the many different asphalt paving contractors in Tampa is more difficult than most assume. No two asphalt paving contractors are the same. There are meaningful differences between these businesses beyond price. Everything from experience to references, qualifications, and customer service matter a great deal. Even if you know little about paving, asking the right questions will help you pinpoint the perfect contractor for your unique project. Ask these questions and whittling down the field of contractors will prove that much easier.

Can you provide references and/or examples of previous work?

The average paving contractor will claim his group is the best or one of the best at just about everything related to paving. In reality, asphalt paving contractors in Tampa are not all the same. Do some digging into each prospective contractor’s prior work and you will uncover the truth. Ask for references and examples of current and prior projects. If the references’ responses are overwhelmingly positive and you like the look of the contractor’s work, you will be able to proceed with confidence.

How long have you performed paving services?

Ideally, the candidate in question will have been in business for at least a few years. The best asphalt paving contractors in Tampa have a breadth of industry experience performing paving projects of all types. However, it’s a mistake to assume asphalt paving contractors in Tampa are worth hiring simply because they have been in business for years or decades. Weigh industry experience along with a number of other factors like price, credentials, and scheduling flexibility before making a decision.

Can you explain all of the fees?

This inquiry will clarify the total project cost at the outset so you are not surprised with hidden fees after committing. Do not put it past some asphalt paving contractors in Tampa to conceal fees in an attempt to win your business. There are some unscrupulous contractors who will spring new fees on you after the project has commenced.

Can you explain exactly what the project entails?

The scope of the project should be crystal clear before you sign your name and let the work begin. Find out the exact scope, compare bids and making a decision will prove that much easier.

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