Expert Asphalt Repair Services in Naples, Florida

Your asphalt pavement and parking lot are constantly exposed to natural elements like the sun’s UV rays, vehicle traffic, oil, and water. So, over time, you may notice cracks, dips, ruts, or potholes forming in your asphalt. You should immediately repair them to prevent the issue from getting bigger and more expensive when it happens. asphalt-repair-in-naples

At ACPLM, we offer a full range of professional asphalt repair services in Naples. Whether you need to fill a small crack, fix a road, or fix an uneven surface, our team is ready to help you. Check out our repair services below to learn more about how we can restore your pavement.

Crack Filling

Cracks may appear in your pavement for many reasons. Whatever the case, our crack filling services will help reinforce your pavement. We pour a hot rubberized sealant to fill the asphalt cracks to ensure that water, dirt, and debris do not seep into your pavement.

We recommend crack filling your pavement at least once a year as part of your routine asphalt repair plan. However, this process only works for specific types and sizes of cracks, so we will also assess your pavement to see if this will be the most suitable fix.


Asphalt sealcoating is crucial to protect your asphalt from the damage caused by oil, water penetration, and UV rays emitted from the sun. This is an important step in protecting your parking lot and prolonging its useful lifespan. Our team has years of experience sealcoating parking lots throughout Florida, including the Naples area.

Pothole Repair

Potholes can weaken your pavement significantly and cause critical safety hazards for drivers and pedestrians, we can repair these holes before they become more serious problems. We start by inspecting the size and severity of the pothole(s) to mark the areas for removal. Then, we remove damaged portion, fill it with hot-mix asphalt, and level off the surface.

Asphalt Overlay

If you notice cracks and potholes frequently forming on your pavement, our asphalt overlay will be a cost-effective asphalt repair solution to restore your pavement. It involves adding a new asphalt layer on top of the existing one. It provides better results than regular crack filling or pothole repair but is not as expensive as a full repaving.

We also recommend overlays if you have an uneven pavement surface, as we can smooth it out with the new layer. In addition, since the process is not as invasive as repaving, we can complete an asphalt overlay with minimal disruption and downtime for your business.

Asphalt Repaving

Ideally, you should only get your asphalt repaved if it has already reached the end of its lifespan. However, we also offer asphalt repaving for severe repairs or damage. As an estimate, this will be the most suitable repair solution if 25-30% of your pavement needs repairs, has extensive and deep cracks, or has a weak foundation.

If you are unsure about your asphalt’s condition, we can evaluate it for you and determine the best course of action.

Why Choose ACPLM?

At ACPLM, we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We have a wide range of asphalt repair solutions that cater to different needs and use a personalized approach for all our clients. Regardless of the details, we always start by assessing your asphalt to diagnose the problem thoroughly and recommend the best solutions.

So, if you need a reliable contractor for all your asphalt needs, here are the top reasons why you should choose us:

  • Qualified contractors
  • High-quality asphalt repairs
  • Quick response times
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Commercial-grade materials
  • Free estimate and consultation

When it comes to asphalt repairs, there is no better partner than ACPLM. We can take on all jobs, big or small, and address whatever needs you may have with your asphalt.

Call Our Professionals for Quality Asphalt Repair in Naples

Early detection and repair are critical to preserving your asphalt and prolonging its lifespan. No matter what condition your pavement is in, you will likely need an asphalt repair service at some point. In any case, ACPLM is ready to help you and address your needs. Contact us today at 888-959-9637 for more information on our repair solutions in Naples.