Top 10 Common Asphalt Repair Problems and Solutions

What are a few common asphalt repair solutions we provide?

Asphalt parking lots are a key part of any business’ infrastructure. However, damage to your pavement can happen over time. Sometimes these issues are minor, while other problems are more severe. Working with a company that provides asphalt repair solutions is important for taking care of any problems. These professionals can keep your parking lot looking great while saving you a lot of time and hard work.

Here are the most common asphalt repair problems and tips on how to resolve them.

1) Asphalt Repair Solutions – Alligator Cracking

Alligator cracking gets its name from its resemblance to an alligator’s skin. It is a clear sign of structural failure and is often indicative of a weakened base or subgrade. In this case, the recommended asphalt repair solution is removing and replacing the damaged area. If left untreated, alligator cracking can worsen, leading to more serious problems.

2) Block Cracking

Block cracking often appears as large rectangular cracks. It’s usually caused by the asphalt binder in the mix, which shrinks due to temperature fluctuations. Regular parking lot maintenance and using a high-quality asphalt binder can prevent block cracking. If these cracks appear, the most effective solution is to call a professional asphalt paving company to repair the asphalt.

3) Longitudinal Cracking

Longitudinal cracks run parallel to the pavement’s centerline. These can be caused by poor joint construction or simply by aging. Longitudinal cracks can also get worse over time. Reaching out to a professional for crack filling is always recommended when taking care of this problem.

4) Transverse Cracking

Transverse cracking occurs perpendicular to the centerline of the pavement. It’s typically a result of low-temperature shrinkage of the asphalt pavement. The best solution for this type of cracking is to contact an asphalt repair company to fill or seal the cracks.

5) Edge Cracking

Edge cracks appear at the edge of the asphalt parking lot and are usually a result of poor drainage or heavy traffic along the edges. These cracks will need to be sealed, and you may need to improve your drainage system to avoid future issues. Scheduling professional asphalt repair solutions for adding a new edge may also be needed.

6) Joint Reflection Cracking

Joint reflection cracks can also appear in the pavement. Some of the main causes behind this problem include temperature changes, excessive traffic, and the age of the parking lot. These reflective cracks are best handled by removing and replacing the affected asphalt.

7) Poor Drainage

Poor drainage can cause multiple problems in your parking lot, leading to various types of cracking and even pavement fatigue. Effective asphalt repair solutions include improving the drainage system by reshaping the surface or installing or repairing inlets and pipes. Taking care of this problem ahead of time is key to limiting damage.

8. Slippage Cracking

Slippage cracking appears as crescent-shaped cracks due to the asphalt layer slipping over the course beneath. This type of cracking is typically a result of a weak asphalt mix or a lack of bonding due to dust, oil, or other contaminants. The affected area should be removed and replaced by a professional.

9) Pavement Fatigue

Pavement fatigue is often caused by heavy traffic. These damages can get much more extensive over time if you don’t schedule repairs. Parking lot repair involves removing the damaged area and replacing it with a mix suitable for the current traffic load.

10) Minor Rutting

Minor rutting is often a result of insufficient compaction during construction or heavy traffic. These ruts can be problematic for drivers, and they can also lead to drainage issues. This problem can be remedied by overlaying the existing surface with a new layer of asphalt.

Other Considerations

Every parking lot is unique and might require different asphalt repair solutions based on specific issues and the severity of the damage. Calling a professional asphalt repair company will ensure that your parking lot receives the best possible care and maintenance.

Neglecting these problems can lead to larger, more expensive issues down the line, so it’s crucial to act promptly. Regular parking lot maintenance, which includes periodic inspections and immediate repairs, is your best line of defense against major damage.

Reach Out to ACPLM for Asphalt Repair Solutions

ACPLM offers comprehensive solutions to all these common asphalt parking lot problems. Our team is adept at identifying the problem and providing the most efficient repair services, whether it’s filling cracks, improving drainage, removing and replacing damaged sections, or complete repaving.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, long-lasting solutions that consider the unique needs of your property and parking lot. We provide a professional approach to asphalt repair that will keep your parking lot in optimal condition for years to come.

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