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When it comes to asphalt sealcoating in Polk, most property owners and managers are understandably unsure where to start. It is sensible to inspect the property for damage. This evaluation should take place several times per year. It is best to find and repair minor potholes and cracks early in the process before they have the chance to expand into large and expensive problems.
As an example, a property that has alligator cracking likely has a deteriorating foundation that will have to be replaced. As the name suggests, alligator cracking is an asphalt crack pattern that looks similar to the scales on an alligator’s back. Furthermore, if large potholes and cracks are allowed to form, stormwater will move on down to the foundation and cause lasting structural damage.

What You Need to Know About Asphalt Sealcoating in Polk

Sealcoating is best described as a shield of sorts placed on the surface of asphalt. Asphalt sealcoating guards your property against the sun’s harsh rays, the pounding rain, sleet, hail, spilled automobile fluids, and threats of other varieties. Though sealcoating does not fully repair potholes and asphalt cracks, it is a highly effective preventative measure. This is why pavement damage must be repaired prior to sealcoating an asphalt parking lot. Once your asphalt sealcoating in Polk is complete, it will provide protection across the next two to four years.

Do not let Those Potholes and Cracks Remain

There is no reason to leave black eyes like cracks and potholes on your property when asphalt sealcoating in Polk and other property improvement services are available. If you notice any sort of cracking or pothole formation on your property, do not leave it in place. Contact us right away so we can perform the necessary repair and apply asphalt sealcoating in Polk. Wait too long and those potholes and cracks will deepen to the point that water moves beneath the foundation of the pavement to cause considerable damage. Keep in mind, once your property’s foundation is damaged, full pavement replacement is the only option.
If you notice standing water, sunken portions of the pavement, cracks, potholes, or have constant repairs, you should consider a full replacement. It is best to replace crumbling pavement sooner rather than later to make your property safe, clean, beautiful, and inviting. Our pavement professionals will do all the work on your behalf and get the job done with as minimal interference as possible.

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