7 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Asphalt Surface Repair

7 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Asphalt Surface Repair

Signs your parking lot’s surface needs repairs.

Parking lots, whether on commercial or HOA properties, provide a safe place for residents, clients, and staff to park as well as boost the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Unfortunately, the surface of asphalt parking lots are susceptible to heavy use, weather, the elements, and natural wear and tear. Even an excellent asphalt parking lot may only last 25 – 30 years if not properly maintained.

Repairs and general maintenance can significantly extend the life of your lot. Better still, regular maintenance makes the parking area safer.

Signs You Need Asphalt Surface Repair

If you notice the following damage on the surface of your parking lot, it’s time to call an asphalt maintenance company for asphalt surface repair:

The parking lot has stains

Industrial solvents  and vehicular fluids are the primary cause of permanent stains in parking lots, though other chemicals can also cause stains. While these stains may seem harmless on the surface, they are a significant concern underneath the surface. The chemicals can easily seep into the sub-layers and erode binding agents. Left unchecked, this can compromise the integrity of the parking lot. Sealcoating every few years helps prevent sub-surface damage.

There’s noticeable fading

Fading is a consequence of oxidation, which occurs naturally when certain materials are exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period. It causes asphalt surfaces, to become brittle and to lose their shiny black color, leaving the lot looking dull and lifeless. It can also affect parking lot stripping/line painting. Sealcoating can save your parking lot from expensive asphalt paving repairs in the long term.

Water drainage issues

Drainage issues in the parking lot is a common sign of an uneven substrate. The unevenness usually results in puddles and pools of water in several spots across the lot. Drainage issues may also result from blocked or insufficient drainage. This, too, can cause water pooling. Water pools on the parking lot pose various risks, from slip-and-fall accidents, cracking, and pot holes. Asphalt surface repair can help fix this problem.

There are cracks all over

There are different types of parking lot cracks. Alligator cracks, some of the most common, are shallow surface defects that typically affect a large pavement area. They resemble an alligator’s skin. Hairline cracks are also fairly common. They are thin, threadlike cracks, also known as spider web cracks because they resemble spider webs. Filling these cracks early is very important if you’re to prevent further pavement damage.

There’s buckling/warping

A warped or buckled parking lot appears wavy rather than flat. The waviness is primarily caused by pressure impacted on the surface by heavy-duty trucks. It could also be a sign of a weakened parking lot base. Repairing a warped lot can be an involved process because, although sometimes only the surface needs repairing, other times, both the surface and base need to be replaced. Addressing these issues as soon as possible will prevent further damage.

The parking lot is sinking

A range of factors can cause parking lot sinking, with soil problems being a common culprit, especially if the soil underneath isn’t adequately compacted. Alternatively, it could be too little or too much moisture, whether from poor drainage or weather conditions. Whichever the cause, early asphalt surface repair can help reverse the problem.

The edges are disintegrating

A common cause for pavement edge disintegration is poor installation practices, such as spreading the asphalt surface too thin around the edges or beyond the four-to-eight granular fill layer underneath. Per industry standards, anything less than 2-3 inches is considered too thin. Whichever the cause, once the crumbling begins, professional asphalt surface repair is the best repair option.

For Effective Asphalt Surface Repair in Tampa and Orlando, Contact ACPLM

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs on your parking lot, it might be time for asphalt surface repair. Remember – the longer you wait, the worse the damage gets. Contact ACPLM today for asphalt surface repair in Tampa and schedule a no-cost consultation for asphalt repair.