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How Long Does Asphalt Repair Usually Take?

How long does an asphalt repair project usually take? An asphalt parking lot will eventually need repairs over time. Sometimes asphalt repair is quick and easy, or it might take a while if you are dealing with significant damages. Hiring a company with years of experience in asphalt repairs is a great way to take […]

Why you Should Schedule Regular Concrete Maintenance

Why regular concrete maintenance is necessary for your property. Concrete is a durable material that’s great for parking lots in HOAs, apartment complexes, and condo associations. Staying proactive with concrete maintenance is a great way to decrease the need for repairs. It will help protect your investment. An experienced contractor will perform maintenance to keep […]

Does Asphalt Need to be Sealed?

Is sealcoating your parking lot necessary? Staying proactive with parking lot maintenance can save you a lot of money while reducing wear and tear on the pavement. One of the most effective options for extending the lifespan of your parking lot is to invest in sealcoating services. Scheduling professional sealcoating services every three to five […]

How To Protect Your Asphalt Parking Lot from Heavy Traffic

How can you protect asphalt paving in your parking lot from heavy traffic loads? Asphalt is a durable surface that can often last for years with proper maintenance and care. Staying proactive with asphalt maintenance can help protect your asphalt from damage due to heavy traffic. Keeping your asphalt parking lot well-maintained also improves curb […]

7 Ways Customers Can Be Injured by Uneven Asphalt Pavement

How can uneven asphalt in your parking lot lead to injuries? If you ask your friends and neighbors how many of them have fallen on asphalt paving, it might surprise you to hear that as many as 30% have had a slip and fall injury on an uneven asphalt surface. While slip and fall injuries […]

How to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Hurricane Season in Florida

A few tips to prepare your parking lot for hurricane season in Florida. Florida is widely known as a hurricane state since several tropical storms pass through the area each year. As a result, business owners and homeowners have invested a lot of money in reinforcing their parking lots and properties to prepare for hurricane […]

How to Inspect Your Parking Lot for Potential Hazards

How to inspect your asphalt parking lot for maintenance needs and hazards. Regular parking lot maintenance is essential in maximizing your asphalt investment. By staying on top of repairs and routine procedures, you can keep your pavement in good working order and, more importantly, prevent accidents and injuries. While it may not seem obvious, parking […]

7 Common Parking Lot Issues Apartment Complexes Face

Common parking lot issues apartment complexes usually face. The parking lot is one of the most important yet easily overlooked areas in an apartment complex. Since this is often the first-place people see in a property, it can influence their decision to become tenants. So, you should stay on top of your routine maintenance to […]

What Happens if Parking Lot Cracks Are Left Unsealed?

Why is it important to seal parking lot cracks as soon as you find them? Maintaining a parking lot may seem tedious or costly to some, but this process is not as demanding as it sounds. Once you find a reliable contractor and create an asphalt maintenance plan, it should be easy to keep up […]

Asphalt Maintenance Solutions to Consider for Your Parking Lot

Asphalt maintenance solutions for your parking lot. Asphalt parking lots are great investments because of their durability and affordability. With proper asphalt maintenance, they can last 20 years or longer. Naturally, your pavement’s lifespan will also depend on climate and traffic volume. However, regular maintenance undoubtedly plays a huge role in how well your parking […]

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