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How to Improve the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Parking Lot

How is your parking lot’s asphalt lifespan affected by regular maintenance? Many business owners overlook the importance of maintaining the lifespan of asphalt in their parking lots. Although others see parking lot maintenance as an unnecessary business expense, you can save money by scheduling regular maintenance compared to paying thousands of dollars on costly repairs […]

How to Avoid a Sealcoating Scam

Avoid a sealcoating and asphalt paving scam.   When it comes to protecting parking lots, property managers often turn to professional sealcoating services. Over the years, more and more property owners are seeking pavement maintenance for their parking lots to increase their asphalt surfaces’ durability.  However, with many contractors offering these maintenance services, it is […]

Why is Parking Lot Crack Repair So Important to Your Business or HOA Parking Lot?

Parking Lot Crack Repair Those cracks lining your parking lot are signs of increasing wear and damage. They also reflect negatively on your business and may indicate negligence in maintaining your parking lot. They are evidence that your parking lot is nearing its breaking point. Without regular parking lot crack repair and maintenance, you’ll be […]

Why are there so Many Potholes in My Parking Lot?

Potholes in My Parking Lot Potholes—Every Driver’s Nightmare We spend so much time complaining about how bothersome parking lot potholes are and the kind of damage they cause to our vehicles. Very few people put any thought into what causes them in the first place. Parking lot potholes can be a sore point, especially for […]

How is an Asphalt Hot Patch Used to Repair Parking Lots?

Asphalt Hot Patch for Parking Lot Repair A hot patch asphalt repair is one of the best long-term fixes you can schedule for your parking lot. A proper asphalt hot patch can prevent potholes and cracks from resurfacing again. If you start noticing cracks, potholes, or crevices on your asphalt parking lot, you need to […]

10 Common Asphalt Repairs Your Parking Lot Needs Right Now

Common Asphalt Repairs for Parking Lots Asphalt surfaces are incredibly durable and can last for years. Like everything else, you need regular parking lot maintenance to ensure your asphalt is in top condition for pedestrians and cars. Asphalt needs routine inspections for cracks, curling, grazing, blisters, etc. and prompt fixing of identified issues. Proper asphalt […]

How to Patch Asphalt in Commercial and HOA Parking Lots

Learn how professionals patch asphalt in parking lots. By now, you know that timely parking lot maintenance is a must. It’s the only way to keep the lot safe at all times. Regular maintenance also makes your parking lot smooth and attractive. A smooth parking lot, devoid of cracks and potholes, is safer for customers […]

10 Ways to Protect Asphalt Paving in Florida

Protect asphalt paving with these tips. Asphalt pavement is impressively durable, which is excellent news. If properly installed, the pavement should last at least 25 years – or longer. You can’t take the longevity for granted. Regular maintenance is necessary to protect asphalt paving for extended durability. You must regularly inspect the lot for signs […]

Customers are Returning, Now is the Time for Asphalt Repair Services

Asphalt repair services are vital with customers returning. When was the last time you inspected your parking lot for cracks, filled existing potholes, and applied a new sealcoating? If it’s more than a year ago, you may need another round of repairs and general maintenance to return the lot to its best appearance. Importance of […]

Why is Parking Lot Re-Striping So Important?

Why should parking lots be re-striped when paint begins to fade? Parking lot striping/markings help ensure an organized flow of traffic in the parking lot. The bright lines marking out parking spaces, arrows for entrances and exits, directional flow indicators, fire lanes, and handicap line-markings guide drivers and pedestrians for smooth traffic flow. Unfortunately, line-markings […]

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