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ACPLM Can Help You Prepare Your Parking Lot for Hurricane Season Now!

Prepare your parking lot for hurricane season. Now that we’re officially within hurricane season, it’s essential to take critical measures to ensure your parking lot is well prepared for a major storm. There are measures you can take to minimize potential storm damage. Storm management is vital for your parking lot, and you need to […]

What Effect Does Rain Have on Asphalt in Your Parking Lot?

How does rain water affect your parking lot asphalt? Even though April showers bring May flowers, rain on asphalt can also do a lot of damage to your parking lot. This damage may be intensified if your parking lot maintenance is behind schedule. Keep reading to learn more about the impact of rain on asphalt […]

6 Reasons to Seal Asphalt Pavement in Your Parking Lot

Why you should seal asphalt in your parking lot. Asphalt pavement is a wise investment. To keep your asphalt looking its best, it’s essential to schedule regular parking lot maintenance. One of these maintenance tasks is applying a layer of sealcoating. Asphalt sealcoating consists of asphalt or a coal tar pitch combined with fillers and […]

Why it’s Important to Maintain a Church Parking Lot

Why regular maintenance and repair of your church parking lot is important. When a visitor arrives at your church, your parking lot is one of the first things they encounter. While a visitor who identifies with your church’s religious tenants may be willing to overlook a poorly maintained parking lot, it can be off-putting for […]

What is a Hot Asphalt Patch and How is it Used in Parking Lot Repairs?

Learn more about hot asphalt paving for parking lot repair. If your asphalt parking lot has a lot of cracks, crevices, and potholes, one option to rejuvenate your lot is a hot asphalt patch. Asphalt patching is a quick, easy way to repair your lot’s damaged areas. Here’s what you need to know about a […]

Common Asphalt Repair and Maintenance Questions from HOA Communities

Asphalt Questions from HOA Communities Your parking lot is the first impression people see when they show up at your community. For this reason, it is important to maintain the look of your property to preserve the value of your community. Asphalt paving is a critical facet of a structured and organized parking lot. Yet, as time goes […]

When Do You need to Schedule Asphalt Crack Filling Services?

How can asphalt crack filling help you avoid future asphalt issues. Asphalt cracks inevitably lead to water intrusion — this is the leading cause of asphalt failure and expensive asphalt repairs. Whether you own or manage a commercial, residential, HOA, or condo property, this is obviously a situation best avoided. The solution is quite simple, […]

How do Potholes Form in Your Asphalt Parking Lot?

What causes potholes to form in your asphalt parking lot? Taking care of an asphalt parking lot on your property can be frustrating without a proper repair and maintenance plan in place. There are many assorted issues a busy parking lot can face. Of all the issues you may struggle with on your parking lot, […]

7 Interesting Benefits of Striping Parking Lots

Proper striping is vital to the safety and functionality of your parking lot. Some types of parking lot maintenance are more common than others. Asphalt repair, sealcoating, and asphalt crack filling are all services that most property managers are familiar with. One more type of parking lot care, striping, often goes overlooked, however. Striping parking […]

5 Reasons Why Parking Lot Sealcoating is Vital to Your Condominium

Why your condo parking lot needs to be sealcoated. Asphalt parking lots are the ideal choice for providing safe parking. New asphalt installation is cost-efficient and when appropriately maintained, the parking lot can effectively last for years. Possibly the most important part of parking lot maintenance is sealcoating. Sealcoating plays an important role in keeping […]

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