How Much Does It Cost to Sealcoat a Parking Lot?

How much will sealing your parking lot cost? Hiring a professional to seal your asphalt is a key part of parking lot maintenance. These sealcoating services improve your property’s curb appeal while protecting your pavement against the elements. However, many business owners often wonder, “How much does it cost to sealcoat a parking lot?” How […]

Tips for Concrete Maintenance and Care

Here are a few tips for concrete maintenance on your property! Concrete is a durable material that is often used for sidewalks and parking lots for businesses in Florida. Scheduling concrete maintenance and repair services is a great way to further extend the life of your concrete. Maintenance will ensure the concrete on your property […]

Striping a Parking Lot: Striping Requirements in Florida

What are some requirements for parking lot striping in Florida? Striping a parking lot with fresh paint is essential to making it easy for visitors to navigate, and to improve safety. Following all the different regulations for parking lots is also key to maintaining compliance. Hiring a parking lot maintenance company with years of experience […]

Does an Aesthetically Pleasing Parking Lot Really Matter to Customers?

How does the look of your parking lot affect your customers’ opinion of your business? Creating the best customer experience is a top priority for businesses. One way to make a strong impression on customers as they arrive is to focus on parking lot maintenance. A well-maintained parking lot always looks great. It often has […]

Why Oil Stains are a Major Concern

Why should you take care of oil stains in your parking lot? Oil stains can cause extensive damage to your asphalt parking lot. Knowing how to remove oil stains from your parking lot is key to keeping damage to a minimum. Staying proactive by removing oil stains from the asphalt as soon as possible can […]

What to do If Your Parking Lot Floods

How to manage a flooded parking lot. Dealing with a flooded parking lot is never a fun experience for property managers. Unfortunately, parking lot flooding can occur for many reasons. Whether it’s a bad drainage system, a poorly designed parking lot, or flash floods, knowing how to keep flood damage to a minimum is essential […]

How Long Does Asphalt Repair Usually Take?

How long does an asphalt repair project usually take? An asphalt parking lot will eventually need repairs over time. Sometimes asphalt repair is quick and easy, or it might take a while if you are dealing with significant damages. Hiring a company with years of experience in asphalt repairs is a great way to take […]

Why you Should Schedule Regular Concrete Maintenance

Why regular concrete maintenance is necessary for your property. Concrete is a durable material that’s great for parking lots in HOAs, apartment complexes, and condo associations. Staying proactive with concrete maintenance is a great way to decrease the need for repairs. It will help protect your investment. An experienced contractor will perform maintenance to keep […]

How Does Asphalt Cure After Being Installed?

How Does Asphalt Cure? Understanding the asphalt curing time is important for anyone in need of a new parking lot. Many property owners wonder “how does asphalt cure” to help keep downtime to a minimum while limiting any disruptions. However, the curing process for asphalt can vary due to numerous circumstances. Always working with experienced […]

Does Asphalt Need to be Sealed?

Is sealcoating your parking lot necessary? Staying proactive with parking lot maintenance can save you a lot of money while reducing wear and tear on the pavement. One of the most effective options for extending the lifespan of your parking lot is to invest in sealcoating services. Scheduling professional sealcoating services every three to five […]

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