Signs of Drainage Issues in Parking Lots

What are a few signs of drainage issues in your parking lot? When designing a parking lot, you probably think of the rich black pavement with freshly painted lines. While visual appeal is important, parking lot drainage is another critical aspect you need to assess and maintain. Many property managers tend to overlook it since […]

Parking Lot Paving: Guide to Proper Thickness for Asphalt Parking Lots

How thick should parking lot asphalt pavement be? The parking lot is an important but often overlooked aspect of any property. Whether an apartment complex, office building, or HOA community, the parking lot is one of the first areas people see when they check out your property. Keeping it safe and appealing is necessary for […]

10 Questions to Ask a Paving Contractor

What should you ask paving contractors before any work begins in your parking lot? Whether designing, installing, repairing, or maintaining a parking lot, you need to choose the right paving contractors. DIY jobs can often be tempting to save money, but some tasks are better left to professionals, especially for asphalt paving projects. That said, […]

10 Reasons to Choose ACPLM for Your Next Parking Lot Project

Choose ACPLM for your parking lot maintenance and repair projects. Finding the right contractor will be critical whenever you need to undertake a parking lot project, whether to install a new asphalt pavement, or do some asphalt repair. Your decision will influence the quality of the work performed, ultimately affecting the longevity and durability of […]

Selling Your Business? Here’s Why Commercial Sealcoating is Important

Why is commercial sealcoating important if you’re planning to sell your business? If you plan to sell your business, you need to make sure your property is in good condition to get a top resale value. One area you should inspect thoroughly will be your parking lot. This area is easily overlooked when turning over […]

Differences Between Sealed and Unsealed Parking Lots

What are some of the differences between sealed and unsealed parking lots? An asphalt parking lot generally lasts about 20-30 years, but this is only the case if you take care of your pavement. Proper parking lot maintenance is key to getting the most use out of your lot, and part of this includes sealing […]

5 Benefits of Parking Lot Maintenance for HOAs

Parking lot maintenance benefits for HOAs. As a board member in a homeowner’s association (HOA), you will be responsible for keeping the community space clean and orderly. It means you need to stay updated with regular asphalt and parking lot repairs and maintenance to ensure that tenants are safe and satisfied with their living area. […]

Why is My Parking Lot Paint Fading?

Is the paint in your parking lot fading? Find out why and how to reverse this damage. Maintaining asphalt paving for your parking lot seems to be a simple task, but it is more complicated than it sounds. One of the most important elements will be parking lot line striping, which helps create organized spaces […]

What are the ADA Ramp Requirements for Parking Lots?

Everything you need to know about ADA ramp requirements in Florida. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires ramps to be used to make public spaces accessible to individuals using wheelchairs, motorized scooters, and walkers. People with disabilities are at higher risk of falling or stumbling, which is why it’s important to accommodate every visitor […]

Why You Should Begin Planning Parking Lot Repairs for 2022

Begin planning 2022 parking lot maintenance and repair now. Parking lot maintenance is essential to preserve your pavement and make sure it stays in good condition. With regular repairs and maintenance, you can boost your property’s curb appeal and enhance the safety of drivers and pedestrians. That said, you might not realize that planning parking […]

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