Benefits of Sealcoating

The Many Advantages of Sealcoating Asphalt Surfaces Like all types of construction materials, asphalt pavements last for what is known as their “service life”. This lifespan can be easily lengthened with regular maintenance. Keep your asphalt pavement safe from harm that can be caused by chemicals, salts and harsh weather through periodic preventive action and […]

Green Paving Practices

Sustainable Asphalt for Today and Tomorrow Did you know that asphalt is the United States’ most recycled and reused material? Recycling asphalt helps us conserve our planet’s natural resources. It also decreases our reliance on the continuous acquisition of raw materials. Recycling asphalt even serves to decrease emissions as less vehicles are forced to sit […]

What is Asphalt

All About Asphalt Asphalt is a combination of binder, filler and all sorts of aggregates. In general, the typical asphalt pavement is the road structure atop the formation level that includes both bituminous-bound and unbound particles. This characteristic allows the pavement to distribute traffic loads before reaching the formation level. It is used to build […]

Maintenance Benefits for Property Managers

Now that we’re wrapping-up the majority of our winter weather, it’s time to turn our attention to the impacts of the warm and wet summer months to come. This means shifting priorities and tactics for how you approach your asphalt and concrete maintenance. ACPLM is here to help you get the best value and mileage […]

Parking Lot Curb Appeal, Increased Profits and Lower Liability

Property Value and Parking Lot Curb Appeal A business cannot be fully understood or measured by simply the goods or services it provides. A business is also judged by its image. The look of its building, landscaping, interior and the merit of its offerings all have their own element of importance. How potential clients, customers […]

GemSeal Black Diamond Pavement Sealer

GemSeal Black Diamond pavement sealer is a new, high performance alternative to asphalt emulsion (AE) sealers. With all the environmental benefits of AE sealers, Black Diamond exceeds AE performance by providing better coverage, greater durability, and superior color stability. Black Diamond also provides performance similar to refined tar sealers through ease of application and toughness […]

ACPLM – Supporting Our Local Community

We take pride in supporting our local community in many different ways at ACPLM. We take pride in proving safe roadways and parking lots as well as donating to local schools. We want to be part of the local community and provide a model of excellence for other businesses to aspire towards. We recently had […]

Durability, Availability, and Superior Value- Asphalt Sealing with GEM SEAL!

QUALITY – included in every gallon GemSeal brand sealers use only tested and certified raw materials in a sophisticated colloid milling process to produce the most consistent sealer for an even application. Our rigorous quality control program ensures every gallon of sealer meets the highest standards to eliminate call backs and costly reapplications contractors often […]

The Technology that Makes PolyTar Superior

The polymer link to longer life: GemSeal PolyTar made by Bonsal American is the first major advancement in pavement sealer technology since the early 1950s. How does it work? Chemists and engineers will tell you about high molecular weight polymers cross-linked with refined coal tar. Sounds impressive, but more significantly, PolyTar outperforms all other sealers […]

Revolutionary Breakthrough in Asphalt Emulsion Pavement Sealers

Technically designed to protect, preserve and beautify your asphalt pavement with long lasting results. Guardian AE® is a lowVOC,water-based coating that contains 100% asphalt emulsion. Guardian AE® is fortified with proprietary compounds for added durability and longevity. Formulated specifically to protect all asphalt surfaces including commercial and residential parking areas and driveways. Weatherproofs porous asphalt […]

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