Your Summer Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Summer parking lot maintenance tips.  If you are a facility manager in Tampa Bay, you are probably busy scheduling HVAC maintenance, planning plumbing repairs, or having the surrounding landscape updated. But one thing you should not lose sight of is parking lot maintenance. Parking lots are the first things people see before they even set […]

Sealcoating and Crack Filling: Will Sealcoating Repair Cracks in Asphalt?

Why are sealcoating and crack filling so important for parking lot maintenance? Asphalt parking lot maintenance should be scheduled regularly by property owners and managers who want to lengthen their parking lots’ lifespan. For a manager or property owner, a quality asphalt parking lot is a significant investment. To extend the life of your asphalt, […]

Parking Lot Drainage Solutions: Common Drainage Issues

Why draining solutions are important for parking lots. Does your parking lot have potholes and cracks? Do not overlook seemingly minor issues in your parking lot drainage system. Drainage problems can cause trouble for you and your customers in the form of accidents that lead to expensive lawsuits. If your business has parking lot drainage […]

How to Remove Oil Stains from Parking Lots

What are some ways to remove stubborn oil stains from your parking lot? Whether a vehicle has sprung a leak, or someone spilled excess oil on the ground while doing an oil change, it can be easy for your asphalt parking lot to end up with a few stains. Regardless of whether an oil spot […]

How to Improve the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Parking Lot

How is your parking lot’s asphalt lifespan affected by regular maintenance? Many business owners overlook the importance of maintaining the lifespan of asphalt in their parking lots. Although others see parking lot maintenance as an unnecessary business expense, you can save money by scheduling regular maintenance compared to paying thousands of dollars on costly repairs […]

Parking Lot Color: What Does the Color of Your Asphalt Mean?

What does your parking lot color mean? Having asphalt paving requires regular maintenance to retain its quality and prolong its longevity. For commercial property owners, the parking lot is an important aspect of their property since it speaks a lot about the business and affects how customers feel about it. In most cases, parking lot […]

Make Your Parking Lot More Inviting with Asphalt Paving and Maintenance

How will asphalt paving and maintenance make your parking lot more appealing? Maintaining your commercial property is a must as a business owner. Many times, it can be easy to forget about things like asphalt paving and maintenance or general parking lot maintenance. When you think of your property, you likely focus more on the […]

Why Choose Asphalt for Parking Lot Paving

Asphalt is the best material for parking lot paving. If you are preparing to construct or repair your commercial parking lot, you likely have to make various decisions. In most cases, your choices for the material will be narrowed down to asphalt and concrete. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it can be tricky to […]

How to Avoid a Sealcoating Scam

Avoid a sealcoating and asphalt paving scam.   When it comes to protecting parking lots, property managers often turn to professional sealcoating services. Over the years, more and more property owners are seeking pavement maintenance for their parking lots to increase their asphalt surfaces’ durability.  However, with many contractors offering these maintenance services, it is […]

Will Sealing a Parking Lot Protect it from UV Rays?

How do UV Rays affect asphalt parking lots? Asphalt pavements are known to be durable to withstand intense weather conditions like high heat. Nonetheless, it is still vulnerable to the harsh effects of UV rays, which can degrade asphalt and cause your parking lot surface to turn brittle. The brittleness makes asphalt more susceptible to […]

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