Why Does My Business Need Ada Ramps?

Why Does My Business Need Ada Ramps?

Property owners and managers of all types are tasked with accommodating prospective customers saddled by mobility limitations. Unfortunately, plenty of Tampa commercial properties still lack suitable points of entry and exit for disabled individuals.

It is not enough to simply install an ADA ramp. This wheelchair ramp also requires a suitable degree of slope, resistance, edging, and clearance space. Such ramps must also have warning surfaces in order to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Basics of ADA Handicap Ramps

The ADA, passed nearly three decades ago, mandates public commercial properties and common spaces of residential areas like pools or clubhouses provide an open access policy to accommodate disabled people. Tampa ADA ramps ensure all of these requirements are met. Such ramps must be positioned in parking lots.

Every Tampa Business Needs an ADA Handicap Ramp

ADA handicap ramps are vitally important to the success of your business. You will receive that many more customers after ACPLM constructs your Tampa ADA ramp. The truth is plenty of handicapped people pass by businesses that lack ADA ramps in favor of those with ramps. This is an important means of entry and exit for the disabled as well as the elderly.

Do not Worry About the Installation and Repair Processes

The Tampa ADA ramp installation process is much easier and quicker than most assume. Though it is possible for a wheelchair or storm to damage the ramp in due time, ACPLM can easily perform the appropriate repairs. Even if your property currently has a ramp that does not comply with the ADA, it can be removed for the installation of a ramp that is fully compliant with the ADA.

The installation of a brand new Tampa ADA ramp might eventually lead to asphalt repairs. Reach out to ACPLM so we can analyze the dimensions of the current ramp to be removed and develop a plan of action.

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