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Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement: How is it Used in Parking Lots?

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Using reclaimed asphalt payment is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for paving a parking lot or driveway. Asphalt is 100% reusable, and more than 45 million tons of reclaimed asphalt is produced annually in America. The Federal Highway Administration actively promotes the recycled asphalt pavement applications due to their ability to […]

What Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment Does ACPLM Use in Parking Lots?

Asphalt Seal Coating Equipment Used by ACPLM Sealcoating is an essential maintenance practice for preserving your parking lot’s structural integrity, safety, and durability. Sealer offers a significant protection layer to minimize oils, water, and damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Below, we discuss the various types asphalt sealcoating equipment that ACPLM uses for Tampa […]

What is Cold Patch Asphalt Repair?

Cold Patch Asphalt Repair Aside from being highly resistant, durability, and strength features of asphalt makes it ideal for constructing parking lots, pavement, and roadways. Also, asphalt is more affordable than concrete. Even so, the constant, intense usage, along with exposure to the weather, can cause cracks and potholes to develop. Regular asphalt repair and […]

Tips for Winter Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa, Florida

What are some useful winter parking lot maintenance tips? The winter weather can be very harsh on asphalt parking lots and concrete pavement. Severe weather and temperature changes can quickly damage pavement, often necessitating expensive surface repairs. A few timely winter parking lot maintenance steps can minimize or even prevent some of the damage. Begin […]

How to Patch Asphalt in Commercial and HOA Parking Lots

Learn how professionals patch asphalt in parking lots. By now, you know that timely parking lot maintenance is a must. It’s the only way to keep the lot safe at all times. Regular maintenance also makes your parking lot smooth and attractive. A smooth parking lot, devoid of cracks and potholes, is safer for customers […]

Customers are Returning, Now is the Time for Asphalt Repair Services

Asphalt repair services are vital with customers returning. When was the last time you inspected your parking lot for cracks, filled existing potholes, and applied a new sealcoating? If it’s more than a year ago, you may need another round of repairs and general maintenance to return the lot to its best appearance. Importance of […]

7 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Asphalt Surface Repair

Signs your parking lot’s surface needs repairs. Parking lots, whether on commercial or HOA properties, provide a safe place for residents, clients, and staff to park as well as boost the aesthetic appeal of the area. Unfortunately, the surface of asphalt parking lots are susceptible to heavy use, weather, the elements, and natural wear and […]

Why is Parking Lot Re-Striping So Important?

Why should parking lots be re-striped when paint begins to fade? Parking lot striping/markings help ensure an organized flow of traffic in the parking lot. The bright lines marking out parking spaces, arrows for entrances and exits, directional flow indicators, fire lanes, and handicap line-markings guide drivers and pedestrians for smooth traffic flow. Unfortunately, line-markings […]

Clear Parking Lot Line Painting is Vital to Customer Safety

Parking lot line painting is necessary for an organized and safe parking lot. Parking lot line painting (or striping) is a crucial part of maintenance for HOAs, condo associations, and property managers. Those white/yellow lines and blue markings can be the difference for an organized or chaotic parking lot. What exactly are these markings, why […]

ACPLM Has Moved and is Ready to Provide the Best Asphalt Parking Lot Services in Florida!

ACPLM is in a new location! Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance (ACPLM) have moved to a new office building. Initially headquartered in Wimauma, Florida, the company is moving to 2010 S 51st Street Tampa, Florida 33619 to better serve our customers! Who is ACPLM? Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance (ACPLM) is a qualified […]

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