What are the Benefits of Keeping a Clean Parking Lot?

What are the Benefits of Keeping a Clean Parking Lot?

How does a clean parking lot benefit your property?

Did you know that the state of your parking lot influences customer decisions? Your business’ parking area can generate more traffic for your business or be the reason you lose potential customers.

More importantly, did you know that litter in the parking lot causes thousands of accidents every year? A staggering one in five vehicle accidents happen in parking lots. Indeed, 14% of all auto damage claims involve collisions in the parking lot.

Parking lot cleaning can help minimize these accidents. Whether it’s slips and falls, trips, or even collisions, a clean parking lot boosts vision and goes a long way toward reducing the apparent risk.

6 Other Reasons to Keep a Clean Parking Lot

In addition to preventing unnecessary accidents, parking lot cleaning also helps in the following ways:

It discourages littering

It’s been shown that people don’t want to be the first to litter a clean parking lot. Instead, we tend to littler where litter already exists – because it feels more acceptable to littler an already dirty space. It’s one of the reasons governments constantly remind businesses and HOAs to conduct regular litter sweeps and keep a litter pickup schedule.

Make a strong first impression

Humans inherently associate litter with chaos. If your parking lot is dirty, your clients (and potential customers) will perceive your business as disorganized and perhaps incompetent. In any case, if you can’t take care of your own property, why would they trust you to take care of their needs? Unlikely, right? Worse still, if the exterior is untidy, they naturally conclude that the inside is not clean either.

Extend the life of asphalt paving

Parking lot cleaning extends to maintenance activities, including asphalt paving and repair. Such repairs are vital to the life of your pavements. As vehicles drive on an asphalt parking lot coated in gravel and hard debris, the debris is ground into the pavement! This action speeds up the deterioration of asphalt surfaces. Often, it also results in water puddling and standing water.

Keep out the pests

Untidy parking areas are a breeding ground for pests. Rodents, in particular, love a filthy parking area. The garbage thrown around serves as their food, the cans, plastic bags, etc. as their home. These rodents may scare aware customers and even chew holes into your walls. Keeping a clean parking lot is the surest way to keep them, as well as other pests such as raccoons, stray dogs, and cats at bay.

It’s good for public health and sanitation

Litter on the parking lot can easily find its way into the building. Dust, for instance, is effortlessly carried into the store when people walk from the parking lot into your property. Debris, salts, and other dirt particles can also be ferried into your premises this way. Once inside the store, these elements can trigger or worsen health issues such as asthma and allergies. Pests are another health hazard.

Avoid costly lawsuits

Finally, we’ve mentioned the potential accidents, including collisions, falls, and trips. If any of these were to occur at your parking lot and the existing litter found to have caused or contributed to the situation, you might be liable for resulting damages.

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