Facts about Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

Facts about Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

Maintenance tips for your commercial parking lot.

Most business owners and property managers overlook the importance of commercial parking lot maintenance. However, the quality and condition of your commercial parking lot have a great impact on how customers perceive your business. The condition of your parking lot may influence the desire of potential customers or individuals to visit your property. Other than building the image of your premises, a well-maintained commercial parking lot helps prevent accidents. Maintaining your parking lot enhances safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

There are several facts about parking lot maintenance

What You Should Know About Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

Maintenance is a Recurring Activity

Parking lot maintenance is not a one-time activity as parking lots are constantly exposed to harsh conditions. For instance, during autumn, leaves may accumulate on the parking lot, and water puddles may form during the rainy season. Due to the constant exposure to harsh conditions, parking lot markings may fade, and unattractive cracks and potholes may develop. Therefore, to maintain the appeal of your commercial property, you have to schedule routine maintenance.

Parking Lot Maintenance Can Reduce Your Liability

A poorly maintained parking lot poses risks to its users. For instance, cracks and potholes may lead to flat tires. On the other hand, loose debris on the parking lot may scratch customers’ vehicles and damage the tires. Your customers may fall and suffer injuries due to the presence of holes in your parking lot. Puddles may pose additional risks as customers may slip and fall. If your drainage system is faulty, large pools of water may form, and it may be dangerous for customers to drive through.

A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that for every five motor vehicle accidents, one takes place in a parking lot. The report further revealed that every year, more than 60,000 injuries result from parking lot accidents and more than 500 fatalities occur. By maintaining your commercial parking lot, you can avoid being held liable for personal injury accidents.

Proper Drainage is Crucial

Water is the leading cause of pavement failure; moisture is a leading cause of concrete/asphalt deterioration. It is a challenge to drain water from a parking lot as water pools in low areas. Parking lot maintenance should include enhancing water drainage. The constant presence of water on the pavement may lead to other issues like cracks and other surface problems. Maintenance may include cleaning and repairing the catch basins as they play a major role in draining water from the surface of a parking lot.

Professional Sealcoating is Necessary

It is imperative to sealcoat your parking lot every three to four years. Sealcoating helps form a protective layer that prevents the sun’s strong ultraviolet rays, debris, moisture, and other destructive elements from penetrating the surface of your commercial parking lot. Other than enhancing the life of your parking lot, professional sealcoating brings out the real beauty of your asphalt parking lot. Your customers will definitely appreciate the polished look of your commercial parking lot after sealcoating.

Stripping Improves your Commercial Parking Lot Capacity

Routine commercial parking lot maintenance should include parking lot striping as lines and markings may fade over time. Proper traffic control markings help to define parking restrictions. Markings will ensure that customers park in the appropriate spaces, and this will enhance the overall capacity of your parking lot.

Work with a Professional Like ACPLM for Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

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