What to Do if You Notice Cracks in Concrete on Your Property

What to Do if You Notice Cracks in Concrete on Your Property

How Does Concrete Cracking Differ from Asphalt Cracking?

Ask any Florida property owner and they will tell you, living in Florida year-round is wonderful. However, there are some things you must know to deal with the weather here. Because Florida spends so much of the year in heat and humidity, asphalt and concrete cracking in your parking lot is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

If you’re worried about foundation settlement or structural cracking in your concrete, here are some suggestions for how to fix concrete cracks.

Cracks in concrete could spell a foundation problem which could lead to a structural issue that could eventually cause the failure of the structure itself.

Check Your Foundation Cracks

When a concrete foundation is poured, contractors must make sure that they have prepared the site before they pour concrete slabs for the foundation. They need to allow time for concrete curing as well. In other words, your concrete needs to be perfectly dry before the next phase of construction takes place.

After a few years, you may notice hairline cracks where your foundation sides meet your landscaping or parking lot. Hairline cracks that are less than ⅛ wide are not a problem. Often, these cracks appear when the dirt is settling around your foundation, and a little foundation settling is natural.

You may see cracking around control joints in your foundation as well. These are natural and expected as part of the contraction of your property’s foundation.

Foundations can crack and expand due to heat and moisture, which we have a lot of in Florida. Foundations can also contract during drought or severe weather. In other words, shrinkage cracking is a normal occurrence.

Identifying the type of cracking can help you determine how serious your problems may be and whether you will need foundation repair. If you have vertical cracks, these are usually caused by the foundation settling. However, if the vertical crack is larger than 3/16 inches, you may need to have the crack repaired to prevent crack expansion.

Horizontal cracks in a foundation are usually more serious. These cracks are usually caused by pressure from the soil and may point to a larger problem with your foundation, such as erosion under the slab. Look for evidence of horizontal cracks along the walls of your foundation.

Diagonal cracks can represent a very serious problem for foundations. When you see diagonal cracks along your foundation, it usually means that part of your foundation is settling at a more rapid rate.

Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal cracks, if caught early, can be repaired through crack filling. If you are checking your foundation regularly and practicing preventative maintenance, you should be able to have the cracks repaired before major damage sets in.

What About Parking Lot Crack Repair?

Whether your parking lot is concrete or asphalt with concrete sidewalks, you need to practice preventative maintenance here as well. Any cracks in your concrete sidewalk with raised edges higher than ¼ inch can cause a tripping hazard for your customers.

If you notice cracking in your asphalt, and you catch it early through asphalt maintenance, you may be able to have your contractor use asphalt crack filler to repair the damage. Once the crack is filled, you may want to think about sealcoating your parking lot to prevent further cracking.

Help! I’ve Noticed Concrete Cracking!

If you have crack issues in your concrete foundation or in your parking lot, don’t panic. ACPLM has been in the business of concrete and asphalt maintenance and repairs in Florida area for decades, with over 50 years of experience in the industry.

ACPLM will work with you on all kinds of foundation and parking lot crack repair and maintenance. We also handle other parking lot issues, such as striping and pothole repairs. When you need help with your concrete cracking issues, contact us for a free consultation.

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