Durability, Availability, and Superior Value- Asphalt Sealing with GEM SEAL!

Durability, Availability, and Superior Value- Asphalt Sealing with GEM SEAL!


included in every gallon
GemSeal brand sealers use only tested and certified raw materials in a sophisticated colloid milling process to produce the most consistent sealer for an even application. Our rigorous quality control program ensures every gallon of sealer meets the highest standards to eliminate call backs and costly reapplications contractors often experience with lower quality products. GemSeal has you covered with high quality, high performance products, so you can be proud of every job.

a name you can TRUST
Sealcoat contractors know they can trust Bonsal American GemSeal to provide great products and service that meet their expectations. We pride ourselves on quality engineered pavement sealers, on-time delivery, and exceptional service. We know you have other choices and realize we must earn your business with every load.

Saturday deliveries? With the largest tanker delivery fleet in the industry, you got It. Tight deadline? Using our high speed colloid mill manufacturing process and large storage capacity, we’ve got you covered. Need a consistent trouble-free sealer to reduce downtime? With our quality control program, no need to worry. Have questions about equipment or application? We have an expert sales and technical team to make you successful, including advice and sale of crack fillers, latex additives, and tools.

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