Parking Lot Excavation Services and Investigation


Parking Lot Excavation Services Provided by ACPLM

ACPLM provides parking lot excavation services to remove various items ranging from rocks to dirt, tree stumps, construction debris, and so on. The purpose of parking lot excavation is to pinpoint the cause of indentations in parking lots. Such indentations or depressions are the result of poor construction practices in which other teams leave various debris behind. Indentations can also be left by tree stumps that were not removed as well.

A Quick Look at the Parking Lot Excavation Process

Our team is skilled in using specialized equipment and techniques necessary for the safe and efficient removal of everything in your parking lot that should not be there. We investigate and excavate every single underlying cause of parking lot indentations. Once these causes are addressed, we will develop the perfect strategy to repair your parking lot.

Experienced excavators, like those at ACPLM, designate the removal of soil to the necessary depth. The ground is then graded and compacted to ensure the site is level and ready for future use. Though this attention to detail, it is necessary to ensure thorough excavation services are performed and have prepared your property for whatever purpose you have in mind.

The Importance of Comprehensive Excavation Services

It is not enough for your contractor to simply show up, perform the excavation services, and leave. The industry’s best provide a full package of services. The goal is to prepare the ground for future use. In fact, services should be available to prepare the ground for the excavation process. ACPLM’s team has the knowledge and certifications in trenching, flagging, shoring, confined space entry, and excavation, which will prove essential to the success of your job.

Our job is not done after excavation and grading are performed. At ACPLM we take the time to remove leftover debris and ensure your property is left in the same or better condition as when we arrived.

Parking Lot Excavation Experience

Some businesses need a basic shallow excavation while others need major excavation. This is not a job for amateurs. At ACPLM, we keep our license and insurance coverage up-to-date. ACPLM has performed excavation services of varying types throughout Florida.

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Are you seeing unexplainable indentations or depressions in your parking lot? If so, there may be an underlying issue that can become a serious problem if not addressed. ACPLM’s excavation services team is here to bring out the best in your lot. Give us a call at 813-633-0548 or 888-959-9637 to learn more about our excavation services, parking lot maintenance, sealcoating, and asphalt paving.

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