Separating Myths from Facts About Concrete

Separating Myths from Facts About Concrete

Facts about concrete you should know.

When it comes to concrete, there are plenty of myths. The facts about concrete are mixed in from time-to-time yet there are numerous misconceptions about this material throughout Florida and elsewhere. It is time to clarify these misunderstandings and learn the true and real facts about concrete.

Myth #1: Water Cannot Pass Through Concrete

Concrete is one of the densest and porous substances known. Water and other liquids such as oil and gas that drip from automobiles have the potential to seep down below the concrete surface. The length of time it takes for moisture to move down below the surface ultimately hinges on density. Water can seep down in as little as a few minutes. However, it usually takes at least a couple weeks or months for the water to find its way down through the rugged concrete surface.

Myth #2: Concrete can be Installed Throughout the Year

One of the most important facts about concrete is that it will not completely dry unless it is poured under the proper conditions. If this durable material is laid when the temperature dips below the freezing mark or if it is installed when the temperatures are particularly high, the mixture will not solidify. This is precisely why the best concrete paving businesses in Florida install concrete in the fall or spring.

Myth #3: Concrete is the Exact Same as Cement

Though cement and concrete are often used in place of one another when these building materials are discussed, they are actually quite different. Cement is only one of the ingredients used when paving concrete. Additional ingredients range from crushed gravel to water, additives, paste, and sand.

Myth #4: Concrete is Only Available in a Grey Hue

Though concrete begins as grey, it does not have to remain grey. One of the most important facts about concrete is that it is possible to add mineral colors to concrete mixtures when wet and blended to provide the concrete with a specific color upon hardening.

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