What is Full Depth Reclamation?

What is Full Depth Reclamation?

Orlando’s pavement professionals break down full depth reclamation in-depth to explain its purpose and benefits.

The average parking lot takes a pounding. From delivery trucks to regular vehicles, sunlight, rain, and beyond, this surface is exposed to all sorts of stimuli throughout the year. The stress of vehicles above will eventually threaten the integrity of the pavement. It is even possible for the pavement to prove hazardous if neglected long enough.

Reform Your Pavement With a Full Depth Reclamation in Orlando

Full depth reclamation is a construction method that requires the removal of the affected portion of the asphalt and mixing it with the stone base. A base that is recyclable is subsequently formed for the new layer of asphalt. A full depth reclamation is perfect for parking lots of medium to large size as well all as private roads that lack curbs or gutters.

Why Orlando Property Owners Should Consider Full Depth Reclamation

A full depth reclamation will enhance your Orlando property in all sorts of ways. This procedure will enhance the structural integrity, reduce the lot’s maintenance costs in the short-term and long-term, and even improve the look of your property. Your business will be back to normal without issue in as little as a couple of days. There is no need to close the entire parking lot or private road.

Compare a removal and replacement project with a full depth reclamation and you will find this service takes less time. It takes the average contractor several days to remove asphalt and even more days to extract the stone base and add the new stone. Such a project can take a full week or longer. It is better to opt for a full depth reclamation that takes a couple of days or less.

Orlando Full Depth Reclamation is an Affordable and Green Means of Repairing Your Parking Lot

There is a popular misconception that full depth reclamation is egregiously expensive. There is no need to pay for a truck to deliver heavy materials to and from the job site. Nor is there any need for extensive labor or any sort of processing fees. All in all, full depth reclamation is an economically efficient means of removing and replacing the lot or road.

It is also important to note the full depth reclamation process reuses existing materials so the unused material can be saved for other projects. This green approach to construction ensures large amounts of waste are not sent to landfills that are already short on space.

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