Green Paving Practices

Green Paving Practices

Sustainable Asphalt for Today and Tomorrow

Did you know that asphalt is the United States’ most recycled and reused material? Recycling asphalt helps us conserve our planet’s natural resources. It also decreases our reliance on the continuous acquisition of raw materials. Recycling asphalt even serves to decrease emissions as less vehicles are forced to sit in traffic thanks to the easy rehabilitation of this uber-smooth surface.

The Widespread Benefits of Sustainable Asphalt

Sustainable asphalt offers more than just environmental benefits. There are also economic benefits to its recycling and reuse. It saves plenty of taxpayer dollars by reducing the cost to build new roads. Sustainable asphalt even boosts social sustainability as it helps roads stay in service while being rehabilitated. The end result is a reduction in road congestion and a considerable increase in quality of life that everyone can enjoy.

Smooth Pavements Really do Conserve Fuel

While automakers have focused on boosting fuel efficiency through the implementation of new technologies in their vehicles, they might have overlooked alternative ways to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Improving road conditions with sustainable asphalt is a large part of the push toward maintaining a green living and working space. The bottom line is that the type of pavement often impacts fuel efficiency.

A number of studies have shown that vehicles use less fuel when they move along smooth pavements. Our society’s collective aim is to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Sustainable asphalt will prove important in this quest. All in all, the United States has 2.5 million miles worth of paved roads. Most Americans drive around 10,000 miles per year so a minor change in the fuel economy thanks to a smooth road really can result in a significant fuel savings.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainable asphalt is a meaningful part of our planet’s resource conservation movement as it provides the smoothest possible ride for all types of vehicles. The traveling public and everyone else really does benefit from sustainable asphalt and sustainable practices of all varieties. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable asphalt services.

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