How to Hire Paving Contractors in Tampa, Florida

How to Hire Paving Contractors in Tampa, Florida

A Quick Guide to Selecting the Best Paving Contractor in Tampa

Your Tampa property will require the expertise of a paving contractor at one point or another. You should not settle for anyone but the best. Here’s what to look for in a Tampa Bay paving contractor.

A Written Contract is a Necessity

If the candidate refuses to provide a written contract, move on to the next provider. You deserve a written estimate along with a written contract. This contract should highlight the start date, the anticipated date of completion, materials to be used, cost and so on. The total price should be specified rather.

Price Matters but It Shouldn’t be a Deal-breaker

Get a few quotes from prospective paving companies. Compare these quotes. However, immediately selecting the contractor with the lowest price might prove to be a mistake. Weigh the merits of each candidate in terms of reputation, cost, quality of materials, the timetable for project completion and so on. Price certainly matters yet it is not the be-all end-all of paving. What matters most is the quality of the work.

Check the Reviews

Though it might be hard to believe, there are some scammers out there pushing phony paving services. Perform your due diligence by checking out online reviews of prospective paving contractors. Check each contractor’s report with the Better Business Bureau to boot. If you find an abundance of complaints, cross that contractor off your list. Do not hesitate to ask prospective paving companies for references from former and current customers throughout the Tampa area. Ask clients about the quality of installation, repair, and maintenance to get a gauge of the contractor’s merit. Check with Tampa property owners and you will find ACPLM is the best around.

Determine Legitimacy

Do not assume all Tampa paving companies are a legitimate business. Make sure to check the candidate’s website. The website should note the contractor’s physical address. Furthermore, the contractor should have a local phone number. If the candidate’s trucks do not feature the business name or logo, it can be a cause for concern. Unmarked trucks are a sign the candidate is an illegitimate operator without a permanent local address, license, and insurance.

Payment Should not be Limited to Cash

If a candidate demands cash for services provided, move on to the next paving contractor on your list. Legitimate paving companies like are willing to accept credit cards and checks. It is also worth noting that payment should not be required in advance of the actual work unless the project is of considerable magnitude. A down payment is not warranted unless the total cost of the project is more than a couple thousand dollars.

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