Why ACPLM is Your Best Choice for an HOA Paving Contractor

Why ACPLM is Your Best Choice for an HOA Paving Contractor

Why you should choose ACPLM to be your HOA paving contractor.

For HOAs, parking lot maintenance is one of the most challenging responsibilities. Parking lots encounter a good deal of traffic. It’s also common for parking lots to wear down after years of consistent vehicle activity, with oil spills and transmission fluid leaks, in particular.

These are just a few examples, but they tell you what could go wrong if your parking lot isn’t well maintained. The heavy (and sometimes abusive) use combined with weather elements can quickly take a toll on the paved surfaces, resulting in cracks, fading, and potholes, to name just a few.

The damage doesn’t end there. When a residential community’s parking lot is chipped, cracked, and faded, attracting or retaining residents becomes a problem. Even worse, there’s an increased risk of:

  • Accidents
  • Water damage

In the end, your HOA may suffer a loss of trust and even be sued for negligence, especially where homeowners pay management fees, resulting in expensive lawsuits and compensation.

Regular Maintenance is the Only Solution

HOAs can avert these problems by investing in regular parking lot maintenance and repair to keep all asphalt surfaces in the best condition. At the very least, you should regularly schedule:

  • Asphalt paving: A great parking lot maintenance plan ensures that asphalt surfaces are paved before significant damage occurs. Proper drainage is also a concern with asphalt parking lots.
  • Sealcoating: The liquid mixture (sealcoat), when applied to pavement creates a nearly waterproof seal, reduces UV exposure, and extends the life of the asphalt surface.
  • Crack sealing: Crack filling material is inserted into asphalt surface cracks to keep water from reaching the base below.

Why Choose ACPLM to be Your HOA Paving Contractor?

Every homeowner’s association would benefit from a primary HOA paving contractor in two key ways:

  1. Continuity: Parking lot paving and maintenance isn’t a one-off job, it’s an ongoing process. A primary HOA paving contractor brings the continuity required to fix current issues with past issues in mind and an eye on the future.
  2. Cost considerations: It’s much cheaper to work with the same HOA paving contractor for a few years than hire one every time you need something fixed in the parking lot.

Asphalt and Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance (ACPLM) is the parking lot contractor of choice for HOAs in Tampa Bay, Florida for the following reasons:

  • We are local: A key benefit of working with a local company is availability. We are always available and ready to help. Local contractors also understand local conditions, including weather and soil, better.
  • We have the capacity: ACPLM is a large company, with the workforce and resource capacity to handle HOA parking lot maintenance projects of any scale.
  • Expertise and experience: The ACPLM team boasts a combined 50 years’ worth of parking lot maintenance experience. Additionally, we’ve worked with many HOAs, condominium associations, and property managers in both Tampa Bay and Orlando.
  • We’re about relationships: ACPLM isn’t just about fixing parking lots and pavements. We seek to become a recognized part of the Tampa Bay community and desire to contribute to the development and growth of the community. By working with you, we can forge a strong bond to help us pursue Tampa Bay and Orlando’s goals together.

Our Services

ACPLM provides all the repair and maintenance services necessary to ensure a clean, safe, reliable, and long-lasting parking lot.

Our core specialties include parking lot paving, asphalt paving, ADA ramp installation, sealcoating, dumpster pad installation, catch basin repairs, tennis court surfacing, and full-depth reclamation. We also install and maintain asphalt overlays and sidewalks.

Need an HOA Paving Contractor, Choose ACPLM

If you’re an HOA in Tampa Bay and Orlando, Florida and are in need of parking lot maintenance and repairs, contact ACPLM today at 813-633-0548 to schedule a no-cost consultation. We’re ready to hear your HOA parking lot needs and prepare a plan to repair and maintain your lot for new and current residents.

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