How to Patch Asphalt in Commercial and HOA Parking Lots

How to Patch Asphalt in Commercial and HOA Parking Lots

Learn how professionals patch asphalt in parking lots.

By now, you know that timely parking lot maintenance is a must. It’s the only way to keep the lot safe at all times. Regular maintenance also makes your parking lot smooth and attractive. A smooth parking lot, devoid of cracks and potholes, is safer for customers and employees. Improved aesthetics, meanwhile, is instrumental in attracting and retaining new customers.

One of the most common parking lot maintenance practices is asphalt patching. Read on to learn what it means, the benefits, and how to patch asphalt surfaces.

What is Asphalt Patching?

Asphalt patching is a method of treating an area of localized distress in asphalt surfaces. Although a temporary fix, it’s a budget-friendly solution that can prevent damage from extending to other areas of the parking lot. The process is limited to the top 1-2 inches of the asphalt pavement.

Who Needs an Asphalt Patch?

All commercial and HOA parking lots need asphalt patching at some point. The solution is often recommended if:

  • There’s an immediate need to fix an emergency asphalt damage
  • It’s a small issue that doesn’t necessitate extensive repairs
  • The damage is causing surface drainage issues
  • There’s need for a cost-effective solution (you’re on a budget)

How to Patch Asphalt – the Approaches

There are five main ways to patch asphalt surfaces depending on factors such as available time, budget, and weather conditions:


The throw-and-go approach is the most commonly used method in pothole patching because it involves the least work. The material can be applied quickly, and costs are low. Basically, asphalt mix is shoveled into an unprepared hole until it’s filled. The material can be lightly compacted using the shovel, though most compaction work is left up to traffic.


A slightly superior alternative to the throw-and-go method is the throw-and-roll approach. Here, too, asphalt material is thrown into an unprepared hole. However, some compacting is done using maintenance truck tires, leading to a tighter asphalt patch and increased longevity. An inspection is often required to verify that a visible crown of 0.125 to 0.25 inches is present on the patch.

Semi-Permanent Repair

Here, the pothole is first cleared of water and debris, and the sides of the pothole squared to a depth where the pavement is sound. Then asphalt material is placed in the patch and compacted. Compaction tools may include vibratory plate compactors and single-drum vibratory rollers. Semi-permanent repair is considered the best method to repair potholes besides full-depth reclamation. The patch is very tightly compacted, guaranteeing exceptional longevity.

Full Depth Replacement

Full-depth reclamation (FDR) is, by far, the best pothole repair solution. In fact, it’s considered the only truly permanent pothole repair method. If you’re wondering how to patch asphalt using the FDR method, it’s a long and fairly complex process. Two things are critical, though. First, the entire layer of affected asphalt is removed. Secondly, the pulverized material is mixed with cement (or lime) and water and compacted to create a stabilized base for the new asphalt surface.

Full-depth reclamation takes longer and costs more than the other patching methods. However, it also provides a much higher quality fix.

Spray Injection

Finally, spray injection is a fairly new patching technology. Although also used in pothole repair, it’s most effective in fixing transverse cracks. The area is first prepared by removing all water and debris. Then a tack coat of binder is sprayed on the bottom and the sides. After that, asphalt and aggregate are sprayed into the hole at high pressure. Then, another layer of aggregate is applied.

No further compaction is needed because the high-pressure spray process compacts the mixture instantly.

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