How to Remove Oil Stains from Parking Lots

How to Remove Oil Stains from Parking Lots

What are some ways to remove stubborn oil stains from your parking lot?

Whether a vehicle has sprung a leak, or someone spilled excess oil on the ground while doing an oil change, it can be easy for your asphalt parking lot to end up with a few stains. Regardless of whether an oil spot is old or new, oil stains can lessen the appeal of your parking lots. Luckily, there are available solutions on how to remove oil stains from parking lots.

Soap and Water

Oil can leave a dark stain, but you may be able to clean these stubborn spots by yourself. The first step in stain removal is cleaning your asphalt surface by using a hose to clear away debris from the parking lot. If the oil spot is fresh, you can use soap and water as an emulsifier. Blot the oil spot until the asphalt surface is clean.

If the oil spot is dry, you can create a mixture using soap and water in a container and scrub the stain with a stiff brush. You must rinse and repeat the process until you remove the oil stain from the asphalt surfaces.

Kitty Litter

Oil spills can leave behind spots on asphalt surfaces that make your asphalt parking lot look discolored and greasy. There are other ways to get rid of oil stains if soap and water are not enough.

If your stain has excess oil, try to blot the oil stain as much as you can. You can attempt to use other household items to removing oil stains. Baking soda, non-clump cat litter, and kitty litter can eradicate oil stains because they are great for liquid absorption.

Cover the entire stain with cat litter to suck up the oil. It is best to leave the litter on the stain overnight to soak up the oil. Once the oil is blotted, sweep and throw away the litter.


You may come across an oil stain that is very difficult to remove. In cases like these, cleaning your asphalt may be done through sealcoating. Cover your parking lot with a fresh sealcoat, and it will look brand new again. Sealcoating can also extend your pavement’s life for many more years, making it a highly recommended maintenance procedure for parking lots.

Rid of Oil Stains with Professional Sealcoating

Oil stains left on the pavements of parking lots can leave a terrible first impression on customers and visitors. Knowing how to remove oil stains from asphalt can come in handy if you need a quick fix. There are instances wherein stain removal can be difficult without the proper tools and equipment. Contact ACPLM today at 813-633-0548 or 888-959-9637 if you are looking for parking lot maintenance in Tampa, and we will show you remove stains from your parking lot!