What Happens If You Ignore Small Potholes?

Why should you have small potholes in your parking lot repaired immediately?

Potholes can eventually appear throughout a parking lot. These potholes will start small but get much bigger over time. Scheduling pothole repair is essential to keeping your parking lot well-maintained, and it can also extend the lifespan of your asphalt pavement. A parking lot maintenance company can easily repair potholes of any size to keep your pavement looking great and help you avoid more costly repairs in the future.

On the other hand, choosing not to repair potholes can cost you a lot of money and lead to a variety of problems.

Here is an overview of what will happen to your asphalt parking lot if you decide to ignore potholes.

Potential Risk of Injury

Avoiding potholes can be a challenge in an older parking lot that isn’t well maintained. Unfortunately, even small potholes can create tripping hazards and result in serious injuries. The sharp edge of a pothole can also cause severe scrapes if someone accidentally falls into it.

The risk of injury is a major liability, which is why it’s essential to get these potholes repaired as soon as possible. An asphalt paving contractor can easily repair potholes and perform crack-filling services to avoid future damage.

Vehicle Damage

Another common problem with ignoring small potholes is the risk of vehicle damage. Hitting a pothole can cause plenty of damage to wheels and suspension systems. You may even begin to notice your car pulling to one side due to these damages to your shock absorbers and steering system.

The problem with your car pulling to one side will only get worse over time. Scheduling parking lot repair services as soon as possible is essential to avoid these problems.

Reduce Curb Appeal of Property

Potholes throughout a parking lot don’t only increase the risk of a damaged tire, but they also decrease the curb appeal of your property. Being proactive by scheduling pothole repair services will keep your pavement looking great and make the entire property much more attractive.

Increase Cost of Maintenance

Ignoring small potholes may initially save you money, but it will result in much more costly repairs in the future. These potholes can rapidly deteriorate over time and be much more expensive to repair.

Potholes also make it easier for water to reach the foundation of your asphalt pavement, which can cause significant issues. Scheduling repair services in a timely manner for a pothole-damaged parking lot is always a cost-effective option.

Greater Chance of Accidents

Looking at ways to improve safety is always a priority for property managers. One way to create a safe environment is to schedule ongoing repairs and maintenance services for your parking lot. A well-maintained parking lot is much easier to navigate, and no one has to worry about dodging potholes. On the other hand, an unexpected jolt from a pothole can cause a crash or even injure a driver.

Decrease the Lifespan of Pavement

Asphalt parking lots can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years with proper maintenance and care. Repairing cracks, filling in potholes, and scheduling sealcoating services will help protect your pavement from the elements and extend its lifespan.

Pothole repair services are a great way to prevent damages from getting much worse, which can save you money over the long term. Ultimately, a parking lot is a major investment, which is why maintenance services are so important.

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