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When it comes to Orlando asphalt paving, no one does it better than ACPLM. Our team is steadfastly determined to provide the best asphalt paving services and products in all of Orlando. Tell us your exact paving needs and desires then watch us get to work. ACPLM has been paving throughout the greater Orlando area for over three decades. We are the full-service asphalt paving contractor you have been looking for.

ACPLM Orlando Asphalt Paving Services Include:

Orlando Asphalt Paving Experts

We are your Orlando asphalt paving experts. If you have any question or concern about asphalt, our asphalt aficionados can help. Asphalt is best defined as a composite material used for parking lots, roads and driveways. It is used as a binding agent and combined with mineral aggregate before being implemented in a layered manner, compacted and cured to stand the test of time.

The Scoop on Asphalt Paving in Orlando and the United States

Asphalt is used on highways and paved roads throughout the United States. In fact, upwards of 95 percent of our country’s highways and paved roads are made of asphalt. Approximately 550 million tons of this material are used every single year.

Part of the beauty of asphalt is that it is recyclable. In fact, asphalt is the country’s most recycled material. Every asphalt pavement can be dug up and reused. Furthermore, the use of asphalt does not result in harmful materials leaking into our sensitive environment. The bottom line is that asphalt is 100 percent recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Every asphalt pavement is designed to stand the test of time without busting the property owner’s budget. Asphalt surfaces require minimal maintenance and offer upwards of a quarter-century of service when properly maintained.

Additional asphalt benefits include:

  • Rapid construction
  • Low construction costs
  • A smooth pavement surface
  • Minimal noise
  • The total cost is upwards of 40 percent cheaper than concrete
  • Comparably cheap maintenance and repairs
  • Fast curing process
  • Perfect for parking lots thanks to highly visible yellow and white striping/signage

Safety Features

Asphalt paving is the safest possible choice for driveways, parking lots, roads and highways. This material’s dark color minimizes glare that would otherwise prove dangerous for drivers. Asphalt also permits clear vision for road and highway stripes.

The construction of asphalt roads can be done quite rapidly, minimizing construction delays, traffic jams and other potential problems on the busy roads. When constructed properly, asphalt can last indefinitely, further reducing the odds of construction-related accidents. This material even minimizes noise pollution, heightening driver and pedestrian awareness of surrounding traffic.

Lean on Orlando’s Top Paving Contractor for Your Next Asphalt Project

ACPLM has the experience, knowledge and friendly customer service you need. We have worked on commercial properties of all types across the past 30 years. Our present and former clients range from apartment buildings to homeowners associations, schools, colleges, retail stores, industrial buildings, shopping centers, religious institutions, car dealerships, hospitals and beyond.

Our aim is to provide highly professional, accurate and lasting Orlando asphalt paving services and maintenance. Contact our office and you will find our team is as friendly and efficient as it gets. We want to secure your business for the long haul. Our hope is that our high-quality work inspires you to recommend ACPLM to colleagues who will also form long-lasting relationships with our Orlando asphalt paving business.

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