8 Tips for Parking Area Maintenance

A Few Parking Area Maintenance Tips

To some people, a parking lot is easy to overlook. It is a place to leave their vehicles and nothing more. However, if they see some cracks or holes on the pavement, that’s when they start to notice. You cannot afford to ignore your parking lot if you are a property manager. It is the first thing that people see when they visit your place of business, making an impression on potential owners, customers, and tenants even before they set foot inside your building. Here are eight parking area maintenance tips to help keep your parking lot in great shape.

  1. Sweep All Debris Regularly

Sweep your parking lot regularly. It may sound simple, but it is an important part of parking lot maintenance.

Small debris like leaves and pieces of paper can block drains and cause standing water to accumulate, which doesn’t help parking lot pavement. Small pieces of aggregate dislodge from the asphalt due to normal wear and tear. These aggregate rocks can damage asphalt surfaces and cars too.

  1. Inspect Your Parking Lot Regularly

While sweeping your parking lots and roads, you must take the opportunity to check them for small cracks, holes, and any other forms of damage.

Doing this regularly will help you detect small defects while they are still manageable. You can fix them right away and avoid a costly asphalt repair in the future. What is more, it will extend the life of your parking lot.   

  1. Be Proactive in Fixing Minor Defects for Parking Area Maintenance

Once you see small cracks or holes, repair them right away if possible. A well-timed pothole repair will reduce water penetration and prevent the damage from getting worse.

If the damage is wide or deep, asphalt patching may not be enough. In this case, you need crack-sealing to shield the surface.

Sealcoating adds a layer of protection to the asphalt pavement, which prevents moisture, heat, and other potential causes of damage from penetrating the surface.

  1. Remove Weeds from Cracks for Parking Area Maintenance

If there are small cracks in your parking lot that you can’t fix due to budget reasons, make sure that there are no weeds growing in them. The roots of the weeds can push through the asphalt, making the crack bigger over time. It will also create a tripping hazard for your customers or tenants.

  1. Remove Oil and Other Corrosive Materials

The pavement design on your parking lot is meant to withstand extreme conditions, but it has its limits. Oil, gasoline, and other corrosive materials could accelerate the wear and tear on your parking lot if ignored. If you spot any oil stains or spilled gasoline, clean them off right away.

  1. Change Up Your Parking Lot Striping Periodically

If vehicles pass through the same routes in your parking lot, these areas would be more vulnerable to damage over time. To ensure proper distribution of load on your parking lot, reroute car traffic from time to time by asking a paving contractor and keep your directional markings crisp.

  1. Regular Sealcoating

Sealcoating is perhaps the most important component of your parking area maintenance activity. It creates an additional layer of protection that can reduce the effects of water, UV rays, and other risk factors on the asphalt – essentially doubling the life of your parking lot!

  1. Trust the Experts at ACPLM

While you can do many things on your own for your parking lot, don’t forget to consult with a professional regularly. Professionals have the expertise and the skills to do the job properly.

For all your parking lot needs in Florida, trust only Asphalt and Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance. ACPLM has over five decades of experience in asphalt installation, parking lot striping, pavement repair, and other forms of asphalt and concrete services.

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