Tips for Parking Garage Maintenance

Parking garage maintenance tips.

Thinking that your parking garage does not need maintenance is a mistake. While it is true that concrete is designed to last for decades, failure to do parking garage maintenance could reduce its useful life by 25%. This is especially true in Tampa Bay, where the humidity is high and the rains are often heavy during summers.

So how do you maintain your parking garage and extend its service life? Check out some of these useful tips for business owners and property managers from experts in the industry.

Have the Parking Lot Cleaned Regularly

Cleaning is the most basic form of parking garage maintenance, but it is no less important than other activities such as sealcoating, parking lot paving, and parking lot striping. It is the best way to deal with motor oil stains and other types of contamination before they start breaking down the concrete or asphalt. This is crucial in reducing the need for pothole repair, asphalt patching, asphalt repair, pavement repair, and other types of asphalt and concrete services.

Establish a Parking Garage Maintenance Cycle

It is highly recommended to have your structure inspected every two or three years by a reliable paving contractor. It gives you the best chance to spot any structural damage before it gets worse. Make sure that the critical items are taken care of. It includes wall and column repairs if you spot any chipping, corrosion, or deflection on the structures. You should also have a professional inspect all expansion joints, which give the entire structure some flexibility under heavy loads.

Post tension inspection and repairs are important in protecting the overall integrity of the structure. Watch out for visible signs such as cracks that run parallel to the post tension strands. Also, keep an eye out for diagonal shear cracks on the beams and joints.

Finally, if you start seeing damages on the cast surface, make sure that you take care of them right away with the appropriate deck repair.  Catching any structural damage early could mean the difference between a simple epoxy injection and a costly concrete or asphalt installation.

Apply Sealcoating Periodically

A big part of an effective parking garage maintenance system is sealing. It helps protect the asphalt and concrete surfaces of your parking space from the harsh weather of Tampa Bay. However, it is important to note that the sealcoating, no matter the quality, eventually wears off. You will have to reapply a new coat once it does. A good starting point is sealing your parking garage every five or seven years if it is still new.

The Best Concrete and Asphalt Contractor in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a beautiful place, but its conditions can be harsh to parking lots and other structures. Still, with effective parking lot maintenance in Tampa, you could keep your property attractive, your tenants satisfied, and your investment protected. Make sure that you hire the right contractor for the job. Trust our team of professionals here at Asphalt and Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance (ACPLM).

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