How Does Regular Parking Lot Maintenance Help Drivers Avoid a Parking Lot Accident?

How Does Regular Parking Lot Maintenance Help Drivers Avoid a Parking Lot Accident?

Parking lot accidents can be avoided with regular parking lot maintenance and repairs.

Parking lot maintenance plays a significant role in attracting customers to your business. It also ensures your parking lot is not a safety hazard. If an accident happens in your parking area, you can easily get sued if it’s not well maintained. A well-maintained parking lot has several benefits, among them, minimizing parking lot accidents.

When not properly maintained, leaves and debris accumulate on the surface and puddles form during the rainy season. This constant exposure causes the markings to fade and leads to the formation of cracks and potholes. Faded parking lot markings may cause confusion to the drivers, while severe cracks and potholes can cause vehicle damage.

How Regular Parking Lot Maintenance Help Drivers Avoid a Parking Lot Accident

The best way to prevent a parking lot accident is by ensuring that your parking area is always in good condition. Regular asphalt repair ensures that your parking lot doesn’t turn into a safety hazard to users by:

Ensuring Parking Lot Signs are Clear

Parking lot signs are a key factor in a well-maintained parking lot. They give clear directions to parking lot users, identify dedicated spaces and restricted areas within the parking lot. These areas are clearly marked during the regular parking lot maintenance exercise and they include:

  • Restricted zones
  • Disabled stall
  • Motorcycle parking
  • Parent and child parking
  • Access areas, which must be clear at all times
  • Pedestrian crosswalk

During maintenance, the asphalt paving contractor ensures that these signs are correctly positioned and are weatherproof.

Maximizing Parking Spaces

Parking lot striping is an essential parking lot maintenance exercise. When the parking lot markings are not visible, the drivers fail to park efficiently, in which case they impede traffic flow. If your parking lot is now regularly maintained and has cracks and potholes, drivers may avoid parking in affected areas. When that occurs, one car may end up taking up space meant for two vehicles.

Parking lot striping makes it easy for drivers to find parking spots easily, making your parking lot look organized. As a result, it’s hard for drivers to cause a parking lot accident. Regular maintenance also takes care of all cracks and potholes, hence making it safe for drivers to park in their respective spots.

Reducing Liability

Regular asphalt maintenance includes sealcoating and drainage repair, both of which improve the overall safety and minimize liability issues. Most parking lot accidents happen in unmaintained parking lots which have potholes, poor drainage, dirt accumulation, and cracks. If slip and fall accidents happen on your parking lot due to poor maintenance, you’re potentially liable.

Repairing cracks through sealcoating and maintaining the asphalt drainage prevents such injuries from occurring on your property. Keeping the parking area free of debris and dirt eliminates potential hazards and minimizes the risk of a lawsuit.

Ensuring You Are Compliant with the Regulations

Regular asphalt repair and maintenance ensure your property is compliant with the law. When maintaining your parking lot, your contactor gives attention to the ADA standards, which ensure it’s accessible by the disabled.

A regulation-compliant parking lot has:

  • A specific number of handicapped parking spots in a designated area
  • Passenger loading zone
  • Accessible routes to your business
  • Van-accessible spots

A parking lot that meets the above requirements has reduced parking lot accidents and is safer for both vehicular users and pedestrians.

Contact ACPLM for a Well-Maintained Asphalt Paving

A well-maintained parking lot helps you avoid lawsuits by preventing a parking lot accident or injury on your property. Keeping your lot in a good condition also creates a good first impression for customers and visitors.

At ACPLM, we help you maintain your parking lot and handle issues as they arise and become too expensive. Contact us today and save money through our preventative maintenance services and keep parking lot accidents at bay.