5 Parking Lot Maintenance Recommendations

5 Parking Lot Maintenance Recommendations

Asphalt parking lot maintenance is essential for any Tampa Bay business and ACPLM has over fifty years of industry experience. We offer full-service repairs from initial installation to minor repair projects. If you believe that your business needs asphalt parking lot maintenance, here are five things to consider for the best results.

#1 Thorough Checkup

While reviewing the overall look of the parking lot, it is a good idea to make a routine sweep to check for any other issues. For example, cracks and holes threaten the long-term viability of an asphalt parking lot, which can lead to significant amounts of damage. However, ACPLM can fill in these cracks and substantially improve the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot.

#2 Eliminate Weeds

Weeds in the crack of a parking lot can cause serious long-term damage. These roots break down the surface by pushing through the asphalt, which can lead to tripping hazards for customers. Eliminating weeds isn’t simply a safety concern, but significantly improves the overall look of your business while extending the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot.

#3 Seal Coating

It is a good idea to seal coat your asphalt parking lot at least every three years. Seat coating is essential to asphalt parking lot maintenance, as it slows the breakdown of materials, while also preventing various debris and water from causing further damage to your parking lot.

#4 Remove Oil Stains

Long-lasting oil stains can cause significant damage to a parking lot and weaken the entire infrastructure. Of course, many different household items can remove oil stains. However, you can contact ACPLM to remove any problematic oil stains that have been there for extended periods of time.

#5 Re-Stripe Parking Lot

One of the main benefits of re-striping your parking lot is that it gives it a much fresher look. Ultimately, this improves the overall appearance of your business, while also allowing you to redirect traffic from well-traveled areas, which helps to minimize the need for asphalt parking lot maintenance.
With ACPLM, your business will receive the best asphalt parking lot maintenance available. We offer a wide array of services in the Tampa Bay area, which includes asphalt overlays, patching and repair, parking lot striping, seal coating, and other services.

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