Why is My Parking Lot Paint Fading?

Is the paint in your parking lot fading? Find out why and how to reverse this damage.

Maintaining asphalt paving for your parking lot seems to be a simple task, but it is more complicated than it sounds. One of the most important elements will be parking lot line striping, which helps create organized spaces and guides drivers and pedestrians through your lot.

Over time, the striping paint may fade. However, the rate at which the lines fade can depend on many factors. Repainting faded striping is an important part of parking lot maintenance, so it helps to know what may be causing your line stripes to fade. This way, you can preserve your parking lot’s aesthetic value and avoid confusion among drivers and pedestrians.

Why Your Parking Lot Paint is Fading

Parking lot striping generally lasts two years, but many factors can affect its lifespan.

Here are the most common reasons why your asphalt pavement markings may be fading:

  1. Extreme Weather Conditions

Areas with extreme weather conditions can make your asphalt paving paint more susceptible to damage and fading.

Cold temperatures can cause your asphalt to crack. Rainwater may also enter the cracks and force the asphalt to expand, potentially creating potholes. This creates a rougher surface on your pavement, making it harder for the paint to adhere.

Conversely, hot weather can also damage asphalt and cause pavement markings to fade quickly due to the Sun and its UV rays. Sealcoating can help protect your parking lot from these external elements, but your stripes will still fade more quickly with prolonged exposure.

  1. High Traffic Volume

Parking lots with high traffic will need to be repainted more often. The striping paint experiences some wear and tear every time a car drives over it due to the impact of the vehicle tires. Thus, if you have a large volume of cars going in and out of your parking lot each day, you can expect the lines to fade faster.

  1. Resurfaced Parking Lot

If your asphalt pavement has a relatively good foundation but needs repairs, you can get it resurfaced. This process involves adding a layer of asphalt to the pavement, which will make your lines hard or impossible to see. After resurfacing your parking lot, you should restripe.

  1. Low Quality Asphalt

Your parking lot painting will only hold up if it is placed on a good foundation. If the asphalt used in your pavement is of substandard quality to begin with, it will be difficult for the paint to stick. Add in the effects of different external elements and the markings are likely to fade quickly.

When to Repaint Parking Lot Lines

Delaying line painting will only lead to bigger problems. Drivers will have a difficult time navigating the space, and your parking lot will look less appealing. Thus, once you notice your parking lot markings starting to fade, you should call in professionals to repaint them.

Generally, this should be included in your regular asphalt maintenance, but the frequency will depend on how quickly your paint fades. In some cases, you might need to restripe your lot as often as once a year, but if your lot is not too busy, you may be able to schedule it just once every two to three years.

Get Your Parking Lot Paint Restriped by Professionals Today

If you are a property manager for an apartment building, or another type of property, it is important to keep your parking lot clean, organized, and structured. With proper parking lot line striping, you can better manage the flow of traffic and direct drivers to the right parking space.

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