Why are there so Many Potholes in My Parking Lot?

Why are there so Many Potholes in My Parking Lot?

Potholes in My Parking Lot

Potholes—Every Driver’s Nightmare

We spend so much time complaining about how bothersome parking lot potholes are and the kind of damage they cause to our vehicles. Very few people put any thought into what causes them in the first place.

Parking lot potholes can be a sore point, especially for parking lots with heavy daily traffic. Like roads, parking lots also fall prey to elements constantly. They face all sorts of conditions, including direct sunlight, rain, debris, and everything else weather-related all year-round. Over time, this has devastating effects on the materials used to make the parking lot.

What Causes Parking Lot Potholes?

Parking lot potholes often result from degradation caused by the natural aging process. After several years of exposure to traffic and weather elements, roads start losing their flexibility and water resistance. Thus, the need for regular parking lot maintenance and pothole repair to prevent further damage on the road surface.

Other major factors that cause potholes:

1. Drivers

Parking lot asphalt deteriorates with time from constant use and excessive weight of vehicles constantly on them. As parking lots get older, more deterioration occurs, resulting in new potholes.

2. Water is Every Parking Lot’s Worst Enemy

As briefly discussed above, weather plays a major role in the deterioration of roads. Most potholes generally result from weather damage. Even more troublesome than weather is water damage. Typically, the three-level design of most roads and parking lots make them extremely vulnerable to water damage. This is especially true if there is a lack of proper drainage in the parking lot.

When water sits on the parking lot surface and permeates, it accumulates under the materials and settles into the sub-base. As it contracts and expands due to temperature change, it causes damage under the parking lot itself. This eventually pushes to the surface to cause deterioration, leaving a large hole in your parking lot. Asphalt patching is one of the best pothole repair options for water damage.

High-grade asphalt paving materials should be used to ensure your parking lot is more resistant to water damage.

3. No Climate Is Safe from Parking Lot Potholes

Managers living in moderate temperature climates shouldn’t think their roads are safer from potholes either. Generally, every road and parking lot struggles with pothole issues, no matter the region’s climate.

While there may seemingly be little worry of water damage on roads in warmer climates, these surfaces are also victims of pothole damages. Areas with harsh climates are always susceptible to extreme climatic conditions, causing road surfaces to crack. Eventually, water can find its way into these cracks, and the damage cycle begins.

How to Stop Parking Lot Potholes from Forming

Mainly, the best way of preventing potholes is by constructing proper parking lot designs with cross slopes to drain off the water on its surfaces. ACPLM provides the best sealcoating services and uses high-quality materials to make your parking lot more durable.

Furthermore, you need vigilant maintenance to ensure you spot and seal all open cracks as soon as they begin. Your parking lot may also require frequent resurfacing and sealcoating to ensure it remains durable for longer periods.

Parking lots are eventually going to have potholes. That’s a fact. Businesses and HOA just need to be more diligent and address them as soon as they start to prevent more damages down the road.

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