Tips for Parking Lot Safety in Tampa, Florida

Tips for Parking Lot Safety in Tampa, Florida

Follow these tips to keep your Tampa parking lot safe.

If you own or manage a business in Tampa, you should be interested in parking lot safety. The safety of your parking lot is essential to your reputation, profitability, and the orderly flow of customers in and out of your building. All it takes is one injury to spur a costly lawsuit that puts you out of business. Let’s take a look at some of the top parking lot safety tips for Tampa business owners and managers.


The best way to stay safe is maintaining a heightened state of awareness. If customers are aware of their surroundings when driving and walking through the parking lot, they will be that much less likely to suffer an injury. The sad truth is plenty of pedestrians assume drivers will see them when they traverse Tampa parking lots. Pedestrians should look both ways when walking across parking lots. If possible, signs should be posted to direct pedestrians to sidewalks and crosswalks.

Clear Signage

Parking lot signs noting the speed limit, directions, and other traffic information should be large and easy to read. Drivers and pedestrians should be able to read these signs with ease, find their way to the appropriate space and make their way to and from your facility with ease. If your signs are old or faded, have them replaced right away.

Do Not Traverse Parking Lot Spaces

Do not walk over or drive over parking lot spaces. Drive in the designated driving lanes and walk in the aisles. This way, there will be that much less of a chance of contact with another person or automobile.

Tampa Parking Lot Safety Tips: Stay in Visible Spaces

Remain in portions of the parking lot that are highly visible. If other drivers and pedestrians can see you, you won’t be as likely to be involved in an accident. Furthermore, walking across the parking lot in groups will make it that much easier for others to see you and stay out of your way.

Driver Parking Lot Safety in Tampa

Tampa drivers are advised to park in spaces far away from the building to avoid pedestrians and vehicles. A far-away parking spot will also decrease the chances of shopping carts or other automobiles hitting you and/or your vehicle. Try to back into your parking spot to make it that much easier when exiting. Stay at a speed of 10 mph or less. Take your time, be patient and look closely for pedestrians and vehicles.

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