Does Parking Lot Sealing Matter to Apartment or Condo Residents?

Does Parking Lot Sealing Matter to Apartment or Condo Residents?

Why is parking lot sealcoating important to your apartment or condo residents?

Apartment complexes and condos oversee the maintenance and appearance of the properties. Part of their job includes parking lot maintenance, a critical aspect that many tend to overlook.

Parking lot sealing is one of the most important aspects of parking lot maintenance when managing an apartment or condo parking lot. It should be part of your regular maintenance plan to ensure that your lot stays attractive and durable for residents and their families. But why is sealcoating so important, when compared to other parking lot maintenance tasks?

What is Parking Lot Sealing?

Parking lot sealing is also known as sealcoating. It is a process that involves applying a thin layer of sealant to pavement surfaces to protect them against oil, gas, water, salt, and UV rays. The sealant mixture is usually made with acrylic-based or bituminous-based liquids and small particulates to create a durable formula.

Sealcoating is a key process in pavement maintenance, so you should schedule it once every three to five years. With a proper sealing plan in place, you can save a significant amount of time and money and avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements.

Why is Regular Sealcoating Important?

So, why is parking lot sealing important to apartment and condo residents? Check out the main reasons why you should include sealcoating in your regular maintenance plan.

Prolong Pavement Lifespan

Various external elements can weaken your asphalt surface. For example, oils and gases soften the asphalt, and UV rays can turn your asphalt dry and brittle. The sealant will thus serve as a protective layer to help your parking lot stand against these conditions and keep it long-lasting. With regular parking lot sealing, you can extend your pavement’s lifespan.

Generally, well-paved asphalt parking lots can last up to 30 years, but only if they are maintained properly. To make sure your apartment and condo parking lot stands the test of time, you should call professionals to seal your parking lot regularly.

Improve Curb Appeal

Applying a new seal coat layer can make your parking lot look sleek to boost your curb appeal. Since the sealant is a jet-black mixture, it will help restore your pavement’s appearance and make it look brand new. It will also make your parking lot stripes pop to increase visibility and maintain organized traffic.

While functionality is usually more important than aesthetics, visual appeal plays a critical role in your apartment and condo parking lot. It is the first thing residents see when they enter and inspect your building, so you naturally want to leave a good impression. Without regular parking lot sealing, your asphalt surface will quickly look gray and faded, which can push potential residents away.

Overall, sealing your lot will significantly affect your apartment and condo residents since they frequent the lot with their vehicles. It will also affect what new customers think about your building, influencing their decision to lease a unit.

Schedule Parking Lot Sealing For your HOA Lot Today

Sealcoating your parking lot is essential to protect it from harsh conditions. Sealcoating will also extend its lifespan and improve its visual appeal. ACPLM offers high-quality sealcoating services to help you achieve all these benefits. In addition, we have over 50 years of experience working with parking lots, so you can trust us for your maintenance needs.

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