10 Benefits of Installing Speed Bumps in Your Parking Lot

10 Benefits of Installing Speed Bumps in Your Parking Lot

Speed bumps are beneficial to your parking lot.

For many drivers, parking lot speed bumps are a nuisance. However, for pedestrians, parking lot speed bumps are a lifesaver. As a property owner, you may be thinking about installing speed bumps and humps as part of your parking lot repair or parking lot maintenance project.

Here are our top 10 reasons you should install parking lot speed bumps as part of your parking lot maintenance plan.

1) Parking lot speed bumps are called “sleeping policemen” for a reason.

Parking lot speed bumps provide what is called passive safety protection because they ensure lower traffic speeds through your parking lot. On average, cars slow down five miles per hour or more when they approach speed bumps. Slower speed limits are very important in parking lots as well as parking garages.

2) Speed bumps keep pedestrians safer.

Speed bumps are designed to slow down traffic. They cause vehicles to slow down or risk damaging their cars. One of the most common areas pedestrians are hit by a vehicle is in parking lots, so when you install speed bumps, you are improving customer safety.

3) Speed bumps cut down on traffic noise.

One of the benefits of speed bumps is that they are designed to slow cars down in your parking lot. The slower the cars travel, the quieter they are, which means less background noise.

4) Parking lot speed bumps improve traffic safety.

One of the most common places where accidents occur is in parking lots. Often, when speed bumps aren’t used in a parking lot, accidents between vehicles occur, usually when one car is pulling out of a parking spot while another car is traveling through the lot. Speed bumps and speed humps reduce speeds in your parking lot and lower the chances two cars in close proximity are going to hit each other.

5) Speed bumps are better for first responders.

During times of emergency, emergency vehicles need to enter a parking lot quickly. Speed bumps are not a problem for fire trucks or ambulances, and their presence makes first responders safer when they are crossing through a parking lot as well.

6) Speed bumps create walkable areas.

If you have heavy pedestrian traffic, speed bumps create natural barriers to cars and give pedestrians places to walk without worry.

7) Parking lot speed bumps can prolong the life of your asphalt parking lot.

One of the reasons you must plan for asphalt maintenance or asphalt repair is that cars are constantly speeding through your parking lot. Over time, excessive speed contributes to potholes and cracks in your parking lot. If you use speed bumps, you reduce the need for sealcoating, pothole repair, and crack filling in your parking lot.

8) Speed bumps help with your parking lot signage.

When you use speed bumps in conjunction with speed limit signs in your parking lot, you are helping enforce the rules with a constant reminder to drivers to slow down.

9) Speed bumps add to your parking lot aesthetic.

You want your customers to notice your parking lot because, in many cases, it acts as a welcome mat for your clients. If your parking lot is signed, striped, and has speed bumps, it is far more attractive to customers than an old asphalt parking lot with potholes, cracks, and no striping or speed bumps.

10) Speed bumps will increase your foot traffic.

When your customers feel safe and your parking lot is attractive, people will want to visit your property regularly.

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