Parking Lot Striping for ADA Compliance

Parking Lot Striping for ADA Compliance

Make sure your parking lot is in full ADA compliance with a ramp, proper striping, and other essentials.

Parking lots must be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If your parking lot does not have the proper ramp for those with mobility challenges or the proper striping/signs for handicapped spaces, you will be in violation of the ADA. The law is specific enough to mandate a certain number of handicapped parking spots in your parking lot.

Get Your Parking Lot in Tip-Top Shape With Full Adherence to the ADA Rules

Each handicapped parking space must be in full accordance with the requirements for van accessibility. Furthermore, there must be adequate labeling as such for full ADA parking lot striping compliance. The total number of parking lot spaces that must be compliant with the ADA hinges on the number of spaces in the lot. As an example, a parking lot with less than 100 parking spaces requires one handicapped space for every 25 spaces.

Handicapped Accessible Parking Lot Spaces: Placement and Size

Each parking lot space must be at least eight feet in width for vans or five feet in width for regular vehicles in order to be ADA-compliant. Access aisles have to stretch the full length of the parking space. An adjacent parking space is allowed to share the access aisle.
Handicapped parking spaces have to provide access to the building through a short and direct route. Curbs positioned along this path are required to have a ramp, yet this ramp can’t interject into the access aisle. Nor can it intrude into a parking space. Crosswalks require clear markings for full ADA parking lot striping compliance.

Identifying Handicapped Parking Spaces

The image of a person in a wheelchair is painted in white above a blue background to identify spaces for the disabled. A permanently affixed sign is positioned in front of each handicapped parking space. These signs must read: “Van Accessible” and positioned so the bottom portion is visible above the vehicle hood.

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