Restripe Your Parking Lot for ADA Compliance

Restripe Your Parking Lot for ADA Compliance

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) states businesses and other organizations that serve the public must make their facilities accessible to those with mobility limitations. A surprising number of businesses are still in violation of the ADA’s rules. Aside from the proper parking lot striping in Tampa to indicate handicapped spaces, businesses also need a handicap ramp to provide physically disabled individuals with a means of entering and exiting the building.

When in Doubt About Parking Lot Striping in Tampa, Consult With the Experts

There is no sense attempting to research, analyze and understand the ADA’s rules on your own. Furthermore, you are not in the business of complying with the highly specific ADA rules. You need an experienced team to handle parking lot striping in Tampa to ensure you are compliant with the ADA’s laws. Your handicapped parking spaces will be clearly marked and noticeable.

Parking Lot Striping in Tampa: The Letter of the Law

According to Florida Statute #553.5041, dubbed “parking spaces for persons who have disabilities”, every Florida business and other applicable organization must have a specific number of accessible parking spaces. This exact number of parking spaces must fall within the specific range of the ADAAG 4.1. This is an acronym that stands for Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibilities Guidelines. These guidelines delve into the specifics of the number of handicap and regularly accessible parking spaces required by law.

Parking Lot Striping in Tampa is Important for Reasons Outside of the Law

Though compliance with the ADA is certainly the primary motivation for business owners, there are other reasons to apply these markings with regularity. A freshly painted lot looks that much better to customers. Furthermore, it is easier for traffic to flow in an orderly manner across a well-marked lot. Add in the fact that disabled individuals need clear pavement markings handicapped parking spaces and there is no excuse to skip this important component of parking lot maintenance.

ACPLM: Parking Lot Striping in Tampa for ADA Compliance

Work with ACPLM for parking lot striping in Tampa and you will rest easy knowing your business is fully compliant with ADA rules. ACPLM has years of experience working with clients for ADA compliance for their parking lots in Tampa. Contact ACPLM today to learn more about ADA ramp installation, asphalt repair and maintenance, including parking lot striping in Tampa.

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