Four Factors to Consider When Hiring Paving Contractors in Tampa

Four Factors to Consider When Hiring Paving Contractors in Tampa

Hiring professional paving contractors in Tampa is essential for any business that desires to have a long-lasting parking lot. ACPLM is one of the leading paving contractors in Tampa and has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Our licensed professionals understand the importance of providing top-quality work.

Here are four factors that you should always consider before hiring professional paving contractors in Tampa.

#1 Do I Need a Down Payment?

Asphalt paving and sealcoating is a significant investment for any business. It is important to understand if you need to save money for a down payment. The vast majority of contractors will not require a down payment unless the process costs over a specific amount of money. On the other hand, many less than stellar contractors will require a substantial down payment for jobs.

#2 Quality of Equipment

Another important factor is knowing the quality of equipment that the contractors will be using for parking lot repairs. A trusted contractor will never use old and unreliable equipment. This increases the costs of the job and it takes much longer to complete.

#3 Insurance Coverage

The vast majority of contractors in Florida are only required to obtain the minimal amount of insurance coverage. This can pose a significant risk to your business. It is always a good idea to ask about the minimum levels of insurance coverage before you select licensed paving contractors. These contractors will perform quality work, while also keeping your business safe and protected from any accidents.

#4 Quality of Materials

Asphalt is typically recycled many times and separated into various levels of grades, dependent upon the percentage of the recycled material. Paving contractors in Tampa that use a lower-quality of asphalt may be cheaper, but the end result isn’t worth it. Instead, it is much more cost effective to work with paving contractors that offer higher-quality asphalt to ensure that your parking lot will have a much higher curb appeal.

Always consider these four factors before you hire a professional paving contractor. ACPLM is one of the leading paving contractors in Tampa that specializes in a wide range of services. If your parking lot needs repairs, our team will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our paving services.

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