Should Paving Crews Pave In The Rain?

Should Paving Crews Pave In The Rain?


An Explanation of Why Paving Crews do not Pave in the Rain
Paving is best done with clear skies and plenty of sunshine. When the weather turns sour, construction projects become increasingly challenging. Though a light sprinkle won’t pose any sort of meaningful threat, moderate rainfall usually forces paving projects to be postponed until the weather clears up. In the event of a steady downpour, paving jobs are almost always delayed. A significant downpour cools the asphalt mix and makes proper compaction quite difficult. It is imperative that asphalt mixes be added to solid bases that are unyielding and sturdy. For the sake of your project’s integrity, we will wait until the rain dissipates before resuming work.

A Look at the Issues Caused by Rain
Rain in excess of a light sprinkle can cause problems that can’t be remedied. Asphalt lifts must be allowed to develop thorough bonds. This bonding process requires a work environment that is void of moisture. Moderate to strong rain will interrupt the bonding process and cause insufficient compaction. Puddles within the asphalt can transition into steam in minutes, causing the asphalt to separate from the aggregate. This is precisely why ACPLM will take the appropriate steps to put the paving project on hold or ensure conditions are ideal to continue. Our goal is to ensure that your new asphalt and its installation are of the highest quality.

How ACPLM Handles Suspended Operations
If we are forced to suspend your paving operation due to rain, our team will take numerous precautions to ensure the job site’s security. We will place tarps on heavy trucks, dispose of material that remains in the hopper and ensure that no dirt or mud is tracked onto the work site. Our crew might also set up a vertical-faced construction joint for additional protection against moisture. Once the rain has moved on, our team will make sure that the asphalt’s temperature is properly monitored until the project has been successfully completed.

Pavement Life Expectancy
You can trust ACPLM to do a thorough paving job. We take our time when laying asphalt so that the quality remains intact for the lifespan of the pavement. While some contractors may rush through projects in an effort to complete as many jobs as possible, we refuse to cut corners. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and continue to reinforce our reputation as Tampa Bay’s premier paving company.

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