How ACPLM Can Assist With Post-Construction Services in Tampa

How ACPLM Can Assist With Post-Construction Services in Tampa

During a construction job, asphalt and concrete can become damaged. Sealcoating, striping, curbs, drains, and other aspects of your lot are at the mercy of the construction team.


The most common way this happens is when a construction company is doing work directly in or on your business. The heavy machinery they bring in, the numbers of workers they have on the job, and the purpose of the project can all take a toll on previously installed lots, their structures, and laid rock.

Once construction is finished, an inspector will make a list of all the items that need to be repaired or finished. This is called the punch list. Even though your lot may not have been the target of construction, damage incurred during the process will probably be an item to be corrected before construction is officially deemed finished. This type of work usually needs to be done by a specialist. ACPLM’s post-construction services in Tampa include punch list corrections.

Construction only has to occur within close proximity of your lot to do damage, even small cracks should be repaired.

Post-construction services in Tampa offered by ACPLM cover both concrete and asphalt lots for residences or for businesses. The following projects are small easy repairs that can be done to preserve the integrity of your lot for years to come:

Construction can be very damaging to parking lots, even if the construction is not happening on your own property. If you see that your lot has been damaged and are looking for post-construction parking lot services in Tampa, fill out our form, or give ACPLM a call. Our friendly staff is here to give you a free consultation on the best way to go about getting your property back into shape and how to best protect it for the future.

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